Sunday, January 11, 2015

Karen's Crossing~~~A Special Chair

Thank you Lord for today's sermon and the added blessings You put in this day for me.     Luv, Karen

Indeed it was a very special day in church as my gang and I selfishly and proudly took up the entire back row of chairs or "pew" as I want to call it. Even the special chair at the end of the pew designed just for me was filled. 

Arriving earlier than even the preacher we were able to capture the remembrance of the occasion with a group photo shot. However, what this grandma hopes is that each grandchild who was there will capture in their hearts the memories of going to church with grandma. 

Memories of the music sang, words spoken and feelings captured as we worshipped the Lord in many ways. Also laying hold of the memory of the Coleman camping chair that for the last four years had found its way into a sanctuary of color coded maroon chairs. The chair grandma had to use just to be able to sit in church comfortably with her bone cancer. A chair with arms to help me up and down and a cushion to absorb the pain in my spine and pelvis. 

My continued prayer is that each will know that whether there is pain in the "offering" they still need to come and worship God. It doesn't matter if the pain is from losing their grandma to cancer or a relationship gone bad or a fractured leg or finance issues we need to find ways to come and worship. For me and my cancer it was testing out camping chairs that would do the trick for me to worship God each Sunday in the church. 

Last thing to burn into our memories for the day would have to be the words of the sermon given. Words of encouragement letting us know how much God loves His children. It was stressed that whenever we bring joy to our Heavenly Father it is worship and being in His presence brings on that joy. A type of joy that overflows on to us as well and strengths our spiritual needs. 

Sitting in that sanctuary are many 'special' chairs. Each designed for us personally with our name on it. Each made for our special needs. They are not designed as thrones for us to rule from but as special chairs designed to be in God's presence absorbing His love for us.  

It would do us well to enter that presence and claim the special chair at the end of the pew. The place where hope, strength, love, forgiveness and so much more is found. 

Copyright 2015 Karen J Gillett at Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing. 

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Robing said...

Amen and Amen.
Your middle aptly given.
In His peace and love and strength,
Love you, Sis