Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Drop and Give Me Ten, No Stop and Give Hundred

As my granddaughter and I sat chatting one evening she mentioned to me "those darn cats."  Suddenly after saying that she bolted off the couch and said she needed to do ten pushups for swearing. Evidently it was an agreement between her and someone in her local church. Every time they swore they were to drop and do ten pushups. 
As I sat and watched her I felt a huge sense of grandma pride. She was recognizing swearing in her life was wrong and her discipline was to drop and give God ten pushups in a type of "sorry" to the Lord. 

The next day as I struggled to deal with life, I might not have swore but my frustration was evident. Looking back to what my eleven year old granddaughter had done I felt I too needed to drop and give God ten in order to say I was sorry. 

Unlike my granddaughter who was able to get on the floor to do ten pushups I knew if I tried my bone cancer would object. I was certain the 911 operators would not appreciate my distress call for help off the floor after attempting pushups so I didn't even try. The wall would have done just as well to serve as my pushing off board. 

As I got ready, to maybe not drop to do my ten, I thought of my dad. After his pacemaker surgery he was using the wall to do his push-ups to try and quickly recover. Unfortunately for him doing so put him back in the hospital for irritating his surgery site. I wondered if I was willing to be that diligent to obtain my own spiritual healing, from allowing the world to get to me, by doing my own push-ups no matter what or how. 

Suddenly my plans changed again as I thought of something else. No, I didn't need to drop and give God ten, what was better was stopping long enough in life to give Him 100 praises and thanks to focus my attention to where it needed to be. The stress of the world had blocked my view of God.  My discipline was to move out of its range and do what needed to be done, focusing on the things I have been blessed with. 

So here we go. "God I am here to stop and give You 100 praises and thanks ." What a blessing it is to my heart to have such a thing to set before You today and every day. Love You Lord."


Praise and Thanks

1. Praise God for being all knowing
2. Thank you Lord for my friend Chrissy and the friendship we share
3. Praise God for being someone we can trust
4. Thank you Lord for the roof over my head
5. Praise God for lifting my head when it tends to hang low
6. Thank you Lord for my grand kids and the joy they give me
5. Praise God for being my shield of protection
6. Thank you Lord for Nycol and the gift she's been to me
7. Praise God for being the one who sustains me
8. Thank you Lord for Don and the potential he has for you God
9. Praise God for His salvation
10. Thank you Lord for my Coffee
11. Praise God His blessing is upon His people
12. Thank you Lord for my wonderful parents
13.  Praise God for relieving me in my distress
14. Thank you Lord life has its good moments we can use to strengthen us on our journey to stair step our way to heaven 
15. Praise God for Your mercy and grace
16. Thank you Lord I don't have to qualify to receive your mercy. It's free. 
17. Praise God for setting Yourself aside for the godly
18. Thank you Lord for the beauty of fresh fallen snow
19.  Praise God for hearing me when I call
20. Thank you Lord for keeping me safe when Jayleena and I did a 180 degree circle in the snow
21.  Praise God the light of Your favor falls on Your children
22. Thank you Lord for the four year extension on my life
23. Praise God for putting gladness in my life
24. Thank you Lord for my sisters
25. Praise God for being my king of kings
26. Thank you Lord I don't have to operate the throne in my life. I've tried and it never worked. 
27. Praise God who leads me
28. Thank you Lord that I am not alone. I have You always at my side 
29. Praise God for defending me
30. Thank you Lord for my church family
31. Praise God You test me to better me not to put me down
32. Thank you Lord I am allowed to fail as you pick me up to try again
33. Praise God who saves the upright in heart
34. Thank you Lord for modern medicine and indoor plumbing ;)
35. Praise God for being a just judge
36. Thank you Lord for raindrops on my eyelashes instead of tears
37. Praise God for the excellence of his name in the whole earth
38. Thank you Lord for your creations, including me
39. Praise God who ordains strength 
40. Thank you Lord I can use your strength instead of trying to find my own and fail
41. Praise God for all Your marvelous works
42. Thank you Lord I get to enjoy those works
43. Praise God you are someone I can be glad and rejoice in
44. Thank you Lord for sunny days even cloudy ones when I have you to go thru them with
45. Praise God that You will endure forever
46. Thank you Lord I can endure life because of You
47. Praise God for being a refuge for the oppressed
48. Thank you Lord for giving me a place of safety
49. Praise God you put a song in my heart
50. Thank you Lord although I can't sing well its the praises to You that counts
51. Praise God you don't forget the cry of the humble, You hear their desires
52. Thank you Lord for the memories of growing up on this ranch
53. Praise God You will not forsake those who seek You
54. Thank you Lord that when I seek you, You don't hide yourself from me. You can be found
55. Praise God the needy will not always be forgotten
56. Thank you Lord for cuddly furry friends
57. Praise God You are the helper of the fatherless 
58. Thank you Lord for being such a wonderful Father figure for us to look up to
59. Praise God You prepare our hearts
60. Thank you Lord for the quietness of the country side I am surrounded by
61. Praise God You are righteous and will always be unchanging
62. Thank you Lord with Your help I can change into the person You want me to be
63. Praise God Your words are pure and helpful to guide and teach me, You preserved them from generation to my generation
64. Thank you Lord I may be stubborn at times but I am not hopeless as long as I allow myself to be teachable
65. Praise God You deal with us bountifully 
66. Thank you Lord that all I have You have given me and blessed me
67. Praise God You take the time to look down upon us from heaven checking on us
68. Thank You Lord I am not invisible to You
69. Praise God my goodness is nothing apart from You
70. Thank you Lord for loving laughter and warm smiles
71. Praise God for being my inheritance and portion. All I need and want
72. Thank you Lord for my friends I have picked up along life's paths 
73. Praise God You maintain my lot
74. Thank you Lord for lessons learned and maturity grown
75. Praise God You instruct me in the night seasons
76. Thank you Lord I don't have to be afraid of the dark
77. Praise God You show me the path of life
78. Thank you Lord for hugs that help comfort me
79. Praise God for Your presence in my life
80. Thank you Lord for traveling thru life with me
81. Praise God for visiting me in the night and placing Your arms around me to tell me "be still Karen. I am with you"
82. Thank you Lord your light pierces the night
83. Praise God for upholding my footsteps
84. Thank you Lord that I may slip a time or two but I won't completely fall because You uphold me
85. Praise God You  show us your marvelous kindness thru Your son Jesus Christ
86. Thank you Lord for new beginnings and second chances
87. Praise God for keeping me as the apple of Your eye
88. Thank you Lord for the ability to see, hear, touch, smell and so much more
89. Praise God for the place You hide me in the shadow of Your wing
90. Thank you Lord I am able to function even in the pain of my bone cancer
91. Praise God for being my strength, refuge, fortress, deliverer and so much more I love you
92. Thank you Lord for Your companionship
93. Praise God You reward me according to my righteousness 
94. Thank you Lord for helping me obtain my righteousness thru Christ
95. Praise God You make it possible for me to leap over the walls the world puts up to try and stop me
96. Thank you Lord nothing is impossible to You
97. Praise God You light my lamp and keep it lit
98. Thank you Lord I can shine for you. That You can use a sinner such as I to help further Your kingdom
99. Praise God You make my way perfect enlarging my path so I won't slip
100. Thank you Lord for being the rock I need to stand upon to withstand life's storms. 

Oh, the list isn't complete. There is always more with God we can praise and thank Him for. 

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Linda said...

Lovely blog, and I really appreciate this post. God bless you. I have a family friendly blog that you are more than welcome to visit and comment on my posts if you would like to. Hope all your days are filled with love, peace and joy.