Adorations to God

The Bible is full of adoration about God, to God, regarding God and I have found it very wonderful lately to mark these in my Bible. I didn't realize just how awesome they were to collect. Its kind of like that dream we waited to go after until it was almost to late. Suddenly we find ourselves thinking, "wow, why didn't I do this sooner." The sooner we can get into the adorations of God and expressing them daily in our lives the better. Here they are, some are from the Bible some are my own, some I have heard from others:

Lord God praise to Your glorious name
How awesome and fearfully glorious are your works
I cast up a highway of praise to You Lord God who rides thru the desert
I look upon You Lord to see Your power and glory.
To You Lord belongs mercy and loving kindness
King of kings and Lord of lords
Precious heavenly Father

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