Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Karen's Crossing~~~free smiles

Today I showed up at my Bible study dressed up like a cow. One of my ladies last week had said I never dress up for them. Well I did. It was fun to see the looks on their faces especially Kathleen's when I answered the door she was knocking on to enter.

After Bible study the plan was to change my clothes and go shopping at Wal Mart. When I told the ladies my plan they were quick to suggest I go dressed up as is. I was hesitant at first but then decided what the heck so off to Wal Mart I went.

At first it didn't seem like too many heads were turning toward the strange lady in a cow costume and pink wig. After a little shopping a little girl noticed me and pointed me out to her mother. I told her it was for breast cancer awareness and the chance to be goofy. I asked the little girl if she ever did something goofy and she told me no. The grin on her mom's face told me a different story.

One lady told me I looked cute and in the parking lot a gentleman drove by and stuck out his head telling me he liked my outfit. "Breast cancer awareness" I yelled back. After that my hat blew off and I had to chase it across the parking lot to the tune of the laughter of a few people who were watching and cheering me on. It was a memorable occasion they may forget but I never will.

The line I gave the ladies at the checkout counter was it was for breast cancer awareness. A disease that is taking my life but I want to live my life the best I can until then. Coming to Wal Mart and giving away free smiles and laughter was a good way to do that. People don't smile enough these days.

When it comes to cancer, smiles are limited and few and it doesn't have to be that way. That's why I like doing things with my family and friends because smiles are produced. It gives one a chance to set aside the world and relax long enough to produce a smile and give it away so it can last longer than the moment we find ourselves in.

As the Bible says God's praise should always be on our lips well I think that goes for smiles too. They can soften the blow of many hard times and they are free for the giving to those who need them the most.

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