Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In Udder Words Our Original Picture; God's Original Plans

You have everything you need to be everything that God wants you to be but its not going to happen overnight. Don’t give up! Joyce Meyers

Recently a friend of the family was caught in the downward tread of her spirit feeling sorry for herself. She just couldn’t believe “this was her life.” It wasn’t what she ever dreamed about or pictured. Where were the cruises she would have liked to have gone on, the travels she often dreamed of. Her only thought was how in the world did she get from one point to the other and have everything totally different than what she originally pictured it.

 First of all, the most important thing to remember is “life happens.” We may have all sorts of dreams but things happen that we have no control over. Things such as a car accident that leaves us crippled, or cancer that is eating away at our health or other things life throws at us. Suddenly we stop, look, and think, “This isn’t what I dreamed my life would be like.” Maybe its not but our responsibility is to keep on going and make the most of what we have.

It’s important we constantly remind ourselves that in spite of life’s circumstances God has equipped us to be everything He wants us to be spiritually. World tours, ocean cruises, climbing Mount Everest, scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean are all things that will come and go. Things we may or may not get to do. But what remains forever are our spiritual adventures. The becoming of the person God wants us to be. Just like taking a world tour doesn’t happen over night, it takes months of planning and saving up for our spiritual life is no different.

We don’t make a trip to the baptismal and instantly come up changed forever and the perfect saint God would love to have in His family. Wrong! It takes time and effort and the willingness to stick with it until the very end. To never give up on ourselves or God when we don’t see the results we pictured in our minds that would happen instantly.

We are as equipped as the architect is equipped to start the house he was hired to build but it doesn’t go up in a day or overnight. It’s something that takes time if we want what we are building to turn out to be a good structure. Our spiritual lives are similar. We can keep our dreams and original pictures of what we think we’d like to be in Christ and sooner or later we will get there.

Eventually we will arrive. It can’t be done if we give up on God’s original plans for us or if we turn away from where we need to be heading. The excitement of the journey is finding out that what God may have in mind for us turns out far more beautiful that our original picture as a part of His original plans.

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