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Praise The Lord for Elastic

**what I wrote 10 years ago about this contraption
Praise the Lord for Elastic
Preparation for the county fair was being made. Over in one area of the room a girl quietly worked on her dress that needed to be fixed. Suddenly without warning she could be heard shouting "Praise the Lord for elastic!" as her dress was finally repaired. The simplest little thing such as elastic once installed could do wonders for the world of sewing. Little do people realize just what a wonder it is in the spiritual world as well.
Often in life's struggles we find ourselves on the verge of breaking. Once during a struggle I was having I found myself on that verge of breaking, something that was soon turned into what I called that "urge to break." I was tired, I had no strength, I wanted to crack or break and get it all over with. That was my solution to facing my problem, "break and get it over with." Unfortunately the Lord had different plans and ideas than I did, he wasn't going to let me break. It seemed like every time I turned around, every time I was close to that breaking point he would slip in what I soon started to call "elastic" and bounce me right back together where I belonged. Whether it be a unexpected phone call from a friend that I hadn't heard from in years, or a letter in the mail, or a sermon on Sunday that seemed like the minister prepared solely for me.
It was interesting how the Lord had my attention; my thoughts were on Him how he wouldn't let me break. To remind myself of what the Lord was doing in my life I glued a piece of elastic between two clothespins, which I carried with me wherever I went. Whenever times got rough and I had that urge to want to break I would take out my clothespins and bend the two of them down. Over and over again as I watched them snapped back in place due to the elastic it indeed reminded me of what God was doing for me. Little did I know at the time, but that clothespin contraption was helping me to focus on the Lord not on my situation.
At first it made me kind of angry at God that He wouldn't let me break so I could "get it over with." However, now that that particular struggle has passed I'm glad that He kept me in place. That He had better faith in me than I did in myself. What a comfort to know that that piece of elastic is still there, still full of plenty of stretch to get me thru the next trial in my life. I saw my friend's names that helped me thru my struggle on that piece of elastic, God's name was on it. Time and time again I thought about how I would like to have my name on someone's piece of elastic, to be that thing in their lives that snaps them back in to place so they won't break.
Kind of like a teacher running her nails across the chalk board making such a horrible sound that all attention was on her in fear of her doing it again, the Lord had gotten my attention. I began to look up scriptures that showed me that He was there and how it was not meant for me to crack. In Psalms 34:18 it says, "the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." How interesting, that's why He was always so quick to respo0nd at those breaking point moments in my life. He was right there all along ready to slip in that piece of elastic where ever needed. Yes, He proved over and over again that He was close to the brokenhearted and because of this He is able to save someone like myself who was indeed crushed in spirit. When we are brokenhearted we need someone close, someone standing watch over us 24 hours a day, who is better qualified than God himself.
In Psalms 37:23,24 it says, "If the Lord delights in a man's way, He makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord uphold him with His hand." I'm sure the Lord doesn't always delight in the way we are going, the paths, and the messes we find ourselves in. However He does delight in our truly seeking Him, seeing our hearts going the right way. For it's not our circumstances around us that have to be on track but our hearts within us. When our hearts are the way they need to be the Lord will make our steps firm.
God doesn't say He will straighten out our steps, or make it so there isn't so many steps, or fix it so all stepping is done on level ground. He says He will make them firm so although we often stumble in life there is no way we will fall thanks to the Lord. Like an infant holding on to his parents hands, although his steps aren't always firm ones, as long as he holds on to mom or dad's hands he will not fall. The Lord has got us by the hand to see us thru the areas that are dark and rocky in our lives. How foolish would it be to let go of the hand that keeps us upright, that keeps us from falling, that keeps us from getting off the path we need to stay on.
Both these verses kind of lead towards the verse found in Psalm 125:1 where it says, "Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever."  Here we have the Lord coming to the rescue of the brokenhearted, close by those who are crushed in spirit. What does He do there, He makes their steps much firmer and He holds them by the hand so that they won't fall. The results? We become like a mountain that can't be shaken but (and this part I truly love) endures forever.
We are too precious to the Lord, He doesn't want to see us break. Protecting His treasure, His valuables, He finds ways to sneak in that bit of elastic in our lives that we need to keep us from falling, or being shaken. Allowing us to endure forever. Where is "forever" spent? With Christ if properly followed the one who cared enough to get our attention. Slipping in the wonder of elastic or as some have put it the beauty of love. No different than the valuables in our lives that wouldn't want to break, as God's valuables (and we all are) He doesn't want to see us break either.
Praise the Lord for elastic, Hallelujah for such a love!
Thank you God for making me, "your valuable."
© 2003 Karen J. Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing
2012 revise for God is my help book

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BAMIGOtalk said...

Hi Karen, I enjoyed your post. I'm a seamstress and fully aware of how elastic is used to bring a garment together and adjust the fit this was great insight into how The Lord helps us in those times of pressure or fatigue in spirit causing us to bounce back by His Spirit who refreshes us and revives us to continue.