Friday, December 6, 2013

Take Care, Take Shelter

 As I went over to my parents house to see if they were weathering the cold weather or not I ran across the deer who live in the neighborhood. Bundled up together in the midst of the trees we both stopped what we were doing to look at each other. For the hundred thousandth time I grabbed for my phone to take a picture. As the deer stood there getting their pictures taken as I had done many times before they made me think. 

They made me think of what we had in common. Such as all of us trying to stay warm in zero degree temperatures seeking the warmth and protection of a shelter. It didn't matter if it was a warm house or a near by tree used to block the wind, shelter was shelter. Too often it's something we take for granted until we find ourselves without the needed place to find warmth and comfort. As the temperature in Oregon drops to below zero I think of the homeless people my church have been gathering items for. Blankets, tents, sleeping bags, warm clothing, and food items have been collected to try and make their lives a place where shelter was found. It doesn't matter if its at a food bank, a cozy tent, or the local warming station shelter is shelter and we need to appreciate what we have while we have it. 

Still on a role to think my way thru this moment with the deer I thought of the storm that recently hit the Philippines. The area that was hit the worse was where my sponsored child lived. Still awaiting the news I have yet to find out if she survived the storm or not. Did she make it to shelter in time? Was she safe or yet to be found?  It's amazing what a good shelter can mean to us and how important they are. It's like the shelter we find in Christ. It's a shelter that protects, saves, and supplies a warm place to grow and nourish ourselves in. Although its more reliable than any man made shelter it's something we still can take for granted. 

Instead of taking the shelter under God's Wing of protection for granted we need to appreciate what we have. We can do so by taking care and taking shelter in a place where safety from life's storms is found, in Christ Jesus.

Lyka,my sponsored child, if you are still here you need to take care and take shelter in Christ, a place of true safety. A place of refuge and strength. 

Luv ya,


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