Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Breaking Through

The devil doesn’t want you to break thru because he knows that if you do, you will become a world changer 

Along with that saying there is another that says; “we need to live our lives in such a way that when we wake up in the morning Satan panics and says, “Oh no she’s up again!” With either saying they are both demonstrating the fact that Satan doesn’t want us to accomplish anything in our lives. After all, if we do we just might become a world changer or an effective Christian for God. Well, Satan, this gal is breaking through.

Too often in my life I have wanted to breakdown but never break through. I wanted to give up when the circumstances around me were too hard for me to bear. Bingo, Karen, five in a row you hit it, “too hard for ME to bear.” We weren’t meant to do life alone. We need God to see us through. The choice we have to make in this process is the willingness to be sure we want to break through the walls Satan puts up to slow us down or distract us.

In the Bible look at how many obstacles Satan tried to put up to block Job from being an effective righteous man. One by one they may have slowed Job down for a second or two but he kept on going. He was one of those men that when he woke up in the morning Satan would cry out, “Oh no he’s awake” because Satan knew how effective he was in his faith in God.

That is my goal, my effectiveness with my faith in God. Sunday in my church as the worship team sang the selected songs they finally came to one that has always been guaranteed to make me cry every time. The song by Matt Redman, ‘Blessed be Your name.” One that talks about even if there is pain in the offering, a road marked with suffering I will bless the name of God. It doesn’t matter if God gives or takes away, I will still bless Him.

For years that song sent me out in the hall of the church in tears crying over the hopeless situation I felt I was in with my epilepsy and relationship issues. However, this Sunday I didn’t make it to the hall. Why not? I had breast and bone cancer to add to my list, why wasn’t I out in the hall crying out to God once again?

I wasn’t out there because God has showed me over the years the hope and strength I have in Him. Times may be hard but I had Jesus. Life may get rough but I had God to calm the storms. I may have my wounds but God was my healer.

At last I felt like I was getting closer to the mark where I wanted to be. A place in life where I had Satan on the run not the other way around. I was where God needed to me to be to become one of the ones who were willing to be a world changer instead of a world joiner.

As the song went on and they got to the words again about how God gives and takes away I lifted up my cane I use to prop myself up and waved it high in the air. From the back row in my special chair on the left side of the church the only thing missing was the white flag I wanted to tie to the end of the cane as I waved it. A flag representing not the fact I was giving up but the news I was surrendering all, including the pain of my cancer to be an effective Christian for Christ. 

The pain in the offering doesn’t matter no differently than the pain in my hip, ribs, and feet from my bone cancer. What matters is that I live my life in a manner worthy of God. Someone who makes a difference for God in a world that is fallen. A resource for God to use through the testimony of what He has done in my life and others as we break through life’s obstacles. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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