Thursday, December 12, 2013

I am thankful. Karen's Crossing

I am thankful. On this day three years ago I was diagnosed with breast and bone cancer at this very hospital my mom is in right now. As I watch her sleep and rest from the internal bleeding she is dealing with I can't help but say, I am thankful."

I am thankful:
•To be alive today because it didn't have to be me. For mom that she is alive and survived her major stroke ten years ago and will survive this as well.
•I didn't require any surgeries
•I still have my hair
•My body hasn't rejected my treatment
I still have lots of options for treatments left if I do reject my meds
•God created the pain in my side that brought me to the ER that drew attention to my cancer
•Mom was blessed with the same that brought out attention to her GI bleed
•I am able to work and that I have been given such great and supporting co-workers
•for my family. For the time, love, and support they have given me. Who have been willing to slow down their steps just so I can keep up. Who have given me lifts out of chairs, a hand to squeeze when I am in pain, gentle smiles, loving hearts and so much more.
•For my sister being here right now to help with mom and dad as mom is in the hospital. I am thankful for the chance I have had over the last ten years to be mom and dads caregivers and for the memories I will cherish always
•The fact I can still walk. That my cancerous hip hasn't give out on me to the point of it breaking where the cancer is
•Having God to lean on and draw strength from and cuddle in His love, grace and mercy
•I am thankful for the medical staff who cares for me in Bend Oregon. My doctor who has been my rock. Thankful to Stephanie and Juli for helping me find the cancer treatment center in Arizona.
•Friends I have picked up along the way and old ones who remain at my side

I am thankful....... and the list goes on. Praise The Lord.


**Mom is out of the hospital and doing well, no more bleeding. Praise the Lord

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nani said...

Sending you all the love my heart can hold!! I am so thankful that God showed us the path back into each others lives!!