Friday, July 5, 2013

Oh What A Wonder, Oh What a Wave

Unedited this morning from the Pacific coast line:

I had the morning to myself. Don Nycol and Nat went deep sea fishing and the kids laid quiet on their beds exhausted from the evening boat adventure watching fireworks light up the waters with glistening shades of multiple colors.

A writer caught without paper is like a fish caught without their fins. It's just no good. As I looked around the beach house we were staying in I searched impatiently for something to write on. My heart knew where it wanted to go and it wasn't back to bed at 4:30 in the morning as my husband told me to. It was outside to watch and hear the ocean in front of me uninterrupted by the world around me. Ruling out everything I could use to write on from the cereal box to the toilet paper to the coffee filters I finally decided. I chose to make me some coffee instead and use my smart phone to punch in the with one finger the words my heart dictated to it to type one letter at a time. Hoping I wouldn't get to wordy I headed outside to meet God at the ocean he created and filled just for me. Still in its case from the store I brought out the chair bought for me to use to watch the fireworks from our street near the rented beach house. 

So far the plans had not changed as they had for where we were going to watch the fireworks over the local bay. At first we thought our only choice was dry land when we found a boat willing to take our money to take us out into the bay to watch them. Excitement was in the air as six grandkids anxiously awaited the time in which they could go out in the boat. The Umatilla II was the name of the boat. As my oldest granddaughter sang the theme song to Gilligans island for the fiftieth time she stopped long enough to ask the captain what happened to the Umatilla I?  Unable to answer that the talk about Gilligan on the Island flared up. Over an hour and a half we were on the boat sharing moments and blankets that will remain treasures in our hearts forever. Memories to take us into tomorrow and hold us for as long as we hold on to them. 

It not only brought me into today but it set up a special time for me and The Lord to meet in front of the house with only the highest and beach separating us while sleeping kids remained sleeping and the three adventures set out to try their luck at fishing. I myself was where I wanted to be in spite of the chill of the air. Coat less I was because Nycol was going to need it more than me out on the ocean fishing. The ocean waves I watch to me is God waving at me to tell me he loves me. It's as if He is telling me watch Karen watch. 

As I looked at the lighthouse on duty it makes me think of Gods guiding light shining for me to find my way safely to the shore of Heaven. Uninterrupted by the sounds of people playing on the beach the grains of sand lie the just waiting to be counted, dug in, laid upon, or serve as paths to be walked. God is so awesome is the theme of all this glory I see before me. Even the clouds above have decided to part and open themselves up to the blue painted sky above to add to what I was watching. Taking a moment to slip back into the night before a tear escaped my eye as I thought about how I had to be helped into and out of the boat. With one person on the dock and two in the boat I managed to get in and out safely without literally winding up in the bay. It may have required someone to grab my leg to lift it up over the boats edge but that was okay. Someone asked me if I had "sea legs" and I told them "no just cancer hips."

As I think of my life's journey that is what God has done for me. With Him in front of me and his angels stationed behind me they have seen me safely to each new destination I find myself going to. It may have required someone such as Jesus to literally lift my legs up and over to do it but that's okay by me. As with my cancer I could have chosen to stay at home and not even try but I want to do as I tell my grandkids to do and that is to move forward. Life gets rough once in awhile the the sea but you have to ride it out. My skipper has not failed me, He hasn't left me alone to drift. With the compass of the Holy Spirit He navigates me thru life one day at a time. Still waving at me, still hoping I am watching. Last nights man made firework show lasted 20 minutes but the spectacular show God has to show me will last forever if I am only willing to watch and to come along side Him as I bump into an occasional dock that hinders my journey such as my cancer has but hasn't stopped me. Praise to God above. The filer of the ocean, the artist behind its beauty, the companion I have to walk the beach of life with. "Go back to sleep?"  How could I when there was so much singing of God's praise going on outside my door. A door only I can close and am responsible for keeping open between God and me. The chill in my arms wasn't enough to send me back into the house as it was beat out by the wonder of God that kept me outside staring into the sea and looking up to God. Oh such wonders, oh such waves.

I love you so much God

Your daughter,


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