Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In Udder Words ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No Strings Attached

Frequently when we give out gifts to some people we have the tendency to attach strings to them. ‘I will give you this but you can’t do this or that with what I give you’ becomes our thinking. Quietly or not so quietly we watch from a distance to see if they are going to treat the gift we give them with respect and appreciation.

"No strings attached!" I promise! Yeah right.


Instead of a price tag attached to the gift we have our set of rules we think they should follow. We expect the person to react a certain way, be appreciative in an exact manner, and the list of attached strings multiple.

Praise the Lord when God gave us the gift of His son Jesus Christ He didn’t come with strings attached. In fact, if you think about it, Christ came to cut some strings that needed to be done away with. The strings of our failures, our bondage to sin, and our inability to follow the law He gave the people to pursue in the Old Testament.

The fact that we need to believe in Jesus and be obedient to His word doesn’t serve as strings but a ribbon or string cutting ceremony. It's a life line needed to survive for all eternity. In Christ we have been set free from the bondage of sin and its strings that tie us down.

God didn’t attach any strings and neither should we. Find freedom in Christ, have a ribbon cutting ceremony of your own and get away from the bondage our wrong choices, selfish attitudes, and unruly tongues create.

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