Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In Udder Words~~~~~~~~~~~Cast or Keep

Learn to cast your care, but not your responsibility. Too often we do just the opposite 1 Pe 5:6-7

At the local outdoor sportsman show casting lessons were being given. It was something that attracted the crowd of people to stand by and watch the one learning how to properly cast. ‘You do it this way, no don’t it that way,’ the instructor said as he held the fishing pole with the person doing the learning.

Several miles from the Sportsman show sits the local church. This also needs to be a place where casting lessons are given. Indeed lessons that include how to properly cast our cares onto the Lord in the most effective manner possible.

Too often we are great at the casting or so we think because we are constantly dumping on the Lord our cares, worries, concerns, fears, and wants. We use God as a dump site instead of the resource place He is. Our casting needs to include letting go long enough to allow God to work in our lives.

If we would only stop long enough to look, we would see God as our Teacher and Instructor standing along side of us giving us the lessons we need. He does it through our spirit; He speaks to us through His word.

Truly our casting lessons like the person at the Sportsman Show should attract large crowds of people equally interested in learning the proper way to do it. Unfortunately it doesn’t. It’s not the fault of the teacher nor the student willing to learn, it’s simply the fact we are too stubborn to stop long enough to really learn from God and the life lessons He has to offer.

We go to God to cast, to get rid of, to give to Him not only our anxieties but our lives. The foot of the cross is not a place to go and exchange instantly the negative things in our lives for all the wonderful things we ever dreamed of. The whole thing is a process we need to endure to get to the blessings and treasures God has in store for us in heaven.

We need to dump our extra load on to God as He tells us in Matthew 11:28 to “come to him all who are burdened and heavy laden.” I don’t know about you but that has been me all the way sometimes. Our journey in life doesn’t have to be as rough and tough as we make it out to be if we would properly learn how to cast our cares on to God and trust Him to take care of them. Our casting does not need to be followed with our Plan A through Z package for God to follow. Our faith needs to be in our Instructor to know what is best.

We have a choice to make with our anxieties, worries, and cares. Cast or keep? I would rather cast my cares upon the Lord and wait patiently for Him to handle them from there. How about you? Cast or keep?

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