Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In Udder Words ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~God Is Real

Train your eyes to see evidence of God’s presence instead of looking for confirmation of His absence.  Wayne Corderio

In a powerfully inspiring sermon on Sunday our youth minister spoke about making an appointment with God. He challenged the congregation to look for ways to come into the presence of God, to feel Him there, to know in their hearts He is near, that He is real.

In other words he was challenging us to train our eyes to see evidence of God’s presence. Too often we are looking for the confirmation of His absence instead of the evidence that He is near. We grumble about the things going on around us and say, “If God was only here. Why did God abandon us?” instead of looking for the evidence He was there all along. All along being our support thru the worse of tragedies.

Mary and Martha in the Bible pulled this very thing when their brother Lazarus died. The minute Jesus arrived they jumped on Him for not being there to prevent Lazarus from dying. “If only you were here!” They both said to Him. God didn’t abandon them. He was there all along with His love for them and the plans still in place He had for them.

Bad things happen to good people, it’s just the way it is whether we want to accept it or not. God is real, we need to lean in to Him and look for His presence. It’s important to make a daily appointment with God to meet up with Him to mix and mingle with Him. Doing it frequently enough that we get to know Him as He gets to know us. We have no problem doing this with our friends, co-workers, the beauty parlor, the doctor’s office, why not God.

Right this very moment God loves us. The very God of the universe, the Creator of the atmosphere, the designer of how the ocean comes and goes loves us. Wow. That doesn’t mean a million dollars in unmarked bills, or the perfect health, or wedded bliss, or everything we ever wanted. It means He cares, we mean something to Him.  He has a plan for us that will take us into eternity with Him. He is preparing a place for us in the highest places of Heaven. We may have to suffer a little on earth but not for all eternity because God has given us a place in which to come in to. A place full of His presence where no appointments are necessary, the place called Heaven.

Until that time in which our room is ready we still need to be making appointments to spend time with the Lord. We don’t need bright lights to show He is present with us this very moment, we don’t need angels announcing His arrival, or chariots of fire showing up to take us to Him for the day. What we need is the willingness to take the time to come into God’s presence. We can do that thru the reading of the Bible, prayer, or simply talking to God as if He was sitting right across the table from us. It is from there or any place that we can chat with Him about our frustrations, share our accomplishments and joys, cry over our fears, laugh over our shortcomings and goofy moments in life.

The evidence is there that God is present, just look, feel, and absorb. However, is there proof on the other side where can God say the same about us? Does He see evidence of our presence with Him in spirit, in our choices, in our attitudes, and every day living? If not we need to do something about that, its time to show up to our own appointment with God. The appointment book works both ways.

God is real. God is present. God is there. He has a personality that we really need to get to know. Did you make your appointment with Him today? Do it now.



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