Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Udder Words~~~~~~~~Back Up Again

When we fall down, God is always there to pick us back up.



I heard once from someone that it isn’t what knocks us down that matters it’s whether we are willing to get back up on our feet. We can share our wounded stories all we want about what knocked us down but what really counts is whether we got back up or not.


Too often Satan makes that “knocked” down position appear good. Been there and done that. The situations in life I had been fighting had finally got me flat on my back. At the time it felt like a great position to be in. It felt like a great excuse to stay there and rest and catch a breather. It was a milestone available to give me a great excuse to quit trying to fight the situation, give up and let others deal with things.


Wrong! All it was was a false sense of getting some kind of a rest that wasn’t going to last long nor do me any good in the long run. If I had listened to Satan’s lie I would have quickly become not only dead weight to myself but dead weight to God. Think about it, have you ever tried to pick someone up that didn’t want to be picked up or was totally limp and unable to help in the process? It’s almost impossible. It can almost be a danger to yourself and the person you’re trying to pick up if it’s not properly done.


In spite of life’s difficulties we need to not become dead weight. Pit stops along life’s roads are there to help us to keep going. Quiet times with God, prayer, reading God’s words are where we find our true rest in life’s journeys and the ability to travel on. These needed pit stops don’t prevent us from falling occasionally but they do help us to get back up to where we need to be. They give us the strength to reach out to God and to take hold of Him as He reaches out to us with that same mighty hand and outstretched arm He used to get the Israelites out of Egypt in the Old Testament times.


For sure there are times in all our journeys that we need to stand still and take a breather before moving forward. Even the Israelites as they escaped Egypt were told to stand still at the banks of the Red Sea and the Lord would fight for them. Next thing God told Moses was, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward.” At that moment in life is when the Red Sea parted in front of them and they had to get up and go before the Egyptian army caught up with them or stay there and be defeated.


The first statement was to reassure them that things were going to be okay. The later was to tell them they needed to get back up and get going again. God doesn’t guarantee us “No falls” in life. What He does promise is the fact that He will pick us back up when we do fall.


The stories we tell should be the stories of victories instead of defeats if we are willing to allow God to lift us back up on our feet. There is no timer we can hold in our hand to see how long it takes God to pick us back up. There are no trophies for the least amount of falls. Instead there is a traveling companion in Jesus Christ that cares enough to be there to prevent, pickup, and preserve us through life’s journeys. Our part is to take life’s licks standing up and forever be looking for the outstretched hand of God. It is the very hand that will lead us to eternal victories, smoother roads, and everlasting peace and rest.



In the meantime, stop and read the road signs along life’s ways, “Satan can make me trip but he can’t make me fall thanks to God.” “I may be beaten but never defeated as God gets me back up again.” Back up again, in Him, thru Him, because of Him. Praise the Lord!



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