Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sticky Notes from God~~~~~~ Full Service Deal

“Lord wash us with the water of your word”

Too often when we get into the Bible we go for a quick snack, a sponge bath, a first aid kit, and touch of partial truths to suit itching ears. In other words we get out of it exactly what efforts we put in to it. The dust that settled on our Bibles from lack of use will only fly off to settle in our hearts if that’s all we are willing to do.

If we go for a snack it’s exactly what we’ll get as we will never get the benefit of a full meal deal because we chose to grab something on the run. A bite here and there will never give us the nourishment we need as opposed to really feeding off and digesting what God has to say.


Stopping by to put a Band-Aid over our wounds may help for a little while but it will never give us the healing we require for deeply infected wounds. We don’t need something to hide our wounds. We need the Great Physician and Lord to heal us from within. Someone who knows about wound care that will heal us to where we need to be.

Dipping into God’s word for a quick sponge bath is like splashing water over our hands without the soap in our rush to move on. It doesn’t do the job. In order to be cleansed we need to get into God’s word like a full service bath and soak in it long enough to wash away the dirt of sin.


Digging out partial truths wanting to hear strictly the things our ears are willing to listen to will only get us further into the pits we are digging for ourselves. Indeed we like to read in God’s word that we are loved and that whoever believes will have everlasting life but we ignore the warnings of those doomed for the lake of fire, the consequences of disobedience, and the importance of being like Christ. We think it’s good enough to read where we are forgiven but we don’t want to hear about the part that tells us we are to forgive others first.

It’s time to stop playing around and start to go for the full service deal and get serious about getting our spiritual lives into shape. Standing before the Lord on judgment day with our spiritual pretend mommy at our side licking her finger so she can rub off the dirt on our face so we can pass inspection isn’t going to work. It will never pass the scrutiny of God’s judgment when He looks into our motives, actions, attitudes, laziness, and choices of our life on earth.

No, what we need now is the full service deal of the benefit of getting into God’s word in order to be cleansed, fed, guided, and restored.


© 2013 Karen J. Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing

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