Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Udder Words~~~~~~~~Dealing with Life thru Prayer

“God cares about everything that concerns you, so feel free to talk to Him about anything.”

Life happens. For some reason when I read the above statement that’s all I can think of is life happens. It happens daily and with it will come things we will need to deal with. Unfortunately in our society today they are trying to get away from teaching people how to deal with life. The solution is to go on struggling with things until it comes to a boiling point and people are hurt or it’s suppressed by drugs.


The most important thing we should learn and learn quickly is the fact that God cares about everything that concerns us. Just because I have cancer doesn’t mean He doesn’t care about my cancer or me. Having cancer is not a sign that He doesn’t have His watchful attention on me. The fact that I’m able to endure my cancer is the insignia that shows me He cares.

If it wasn’t for God I never would have survived my epilepsy and definitely would not have made it two years into my cancer. I love the fact that we can talk to God about anything and everything. We need to speak with Him as we do our friend next door or our co-worker at our job, or the family member with a listening ear.


If you think about it we can talk to God more than we can other people. There are some things we don’t want talk about to anyone but God isn’t just anyone. He is somebody who is there in our lives, every moment of it readily available to hear, listen, and even answer back. There is no phone required, computer, internet service, cellphone, text message. It’s not even required that we have to get down on our knees in a church sanctuary to talk with Him. All we have to do is start speaking and better yet begin listening.

We cut ourselves short of a very important relationship with the Lord getting hung up on the fact that God doesn’t verbalize His answers. We lack the patience and faith needed to wait for His answers. If it’s not as quick as we think it should be or what we wanted to hear we shut off any further input from God.

What spoiled brats we are! God gives us so much yet we can’t give Him a moment of our time to talk with Him. We turn to everything from Facebook, to email, to Twitter, to texting someone before we even think about talking to God. He should be the first person we approach and the last person we listen to for our final answers.

Our communication with Him doesn’t need to be eloquent full of Thee’s and Thou’s, all we need to do is speak. Sometimes our tone of voice may change as we cry out to Him not only in times of joy but in times of immense pain.

Years ago when I was enduring a very painful time in my life I cried out to God to come down and plant Himself on my couch in front of me and give me my answers. Luckily God didn’t say, “I’m not speaking to her anymore. She was rude and demanding. Tell the angel in charge of incoming prayers to cut off her communication.”

Oh just to type that in a hypothetical situation brought tears to my eyes and I’m still crying. I’m so thankful God doesn’t cut us off. We are the ones that cut ourselves off from Him. He cares and so should we. I’ve never talked rude or demanding to God since. However, I know in my heart if I ever endure that pain again and the feeling of frustration and a bit of anger comes out in my voice I know He is still listening.

I love talking to Him, in fact, as some people have an idea of what they'd like to be doing when Jesus returns my desire is to be found on my knees talking to God. Communicate with Him, it’s beautiful, productive, reassuring, and a treasure that only grows in its worth as we deal with life one day at a time.

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