Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our Hinge in an Unhinged World

“The greatest distinction between Christianity and other religions is that the death of its founder did not mark the termination of His life and ministry. . . . . The Resurrection is the hinge on which the truth of our faith turns, and without it nothing else would really matter. . . . The dynamic joy of our faith would turn into speculation, and Christianity would be simply one of many human philosophies and religious theories.” Nothing But the Truth: Upholding the Gospel in a Doubting Age by John MacArthur

It would be interesting to get the statics on how many home grown business went down the minute the original founder passed away. I can name two in my own home town that did just that. Basically their death did mark the termination of the business as it was, as their love ones weren’t interested in making it work. Living in the hometown where the founder of Les Schwab lived and died I’ve been watching to see if the same thing happens to all his tire stores since he passed away recently.

Without the resurrected Christ the same thing would have happened to the church. There is no way we would have kept it going without our founding Father still being alive and well and active in each establishment and heart. It’s a great thing to know that the death of our founder, Jesus Christ didn’t terminate anything but bondage to sin itself. His death and resurrection were the beginning of something bigger not the end of something self-created. No, I take that back it was the end of something self-created, sin.

Indeed the resurrection is the hinge on which the truth of our faith turns. Without it nothing else really matters. It is the reason we stay together and the reason we are able to survive. It’s our life line. We need to show the world that our founder is not dead but very much alive. Alive in our lives, active in our church, present in our hearts, and displayed in our actions.

In order to convince the world we serve a risen Savior we need to believe it ourselves. Too often we live our lives as if God wasn’t there watching over us. We worship Him on Sunday and do our own thing for the rest of the week. When life hits us upside the head we react first in an ungodly manner sometimes and then we turn to God. I am speaking of myself. I’m ashamed of my reactions that get ahead of my actions. God is all I have yet I treat Him sometimes like He’s my last resort, unhinged and trying to hang on by my own strength.

Shame on me, shame on us. Let us make our Founder proud. Many of the people who work for Les Schwab have never met their Founder and never will now that he has passed away. We get to meet our Founder, each and everyone of us. May He be proud, our hinge via faith in an unhinged world.

Nina is our hostess of the week at her site http://mamaslittletreasures.com/ run on over there and read and share with group regarding the wonderful message in today’s quote. October is coming if you hadn’t noticed we will be talking about planting seeds, maintaining a garden and harvesting what we planted. Get your shovels and tools out and join in.

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Debbie Petras said...

Yes, I know my faith is alive and well as our Founder is also alive and well.