Monday, September 17, 2012

Yes Lord, I Believe


“Believe me.” John 4:21a

Last week we looked at the story of the Samaritan woman at the well and what Jesus wanted her to believe in. This week our assignment is to stop and think about what is it that God is trying to get us to believe or NOT believe. A time of reflection to meditate on what God wants us to believe as we say, “Yes Lord, I believe.”

Years ago when I was in the midst of a major storm in life God talked to my heart and told me, “This too shall pass.” That was the one thing at the time He wanted me to believe. He was asking me to trust in the fact that what I was dealing with would eventually pass. It was a needed lesson back then and still is today.

 It is a lesson that goes along way as we all find ourselves in situations that are painful and very difficult that seem to last forever. Indeed at the time it appeared good times were traveling through at lightning speed and the tough times lingered on like a slow poke child reluctant to go to school. Slow or fast it doesn’t matter we still need to believe that eventually everything passes. What we do in those moments, how we come out of them depends on our behavior and actions. We can either believe in God’s truth or Satan’s lie, the choice is ours.

Another thing I had a hard time believing once was the scripture that said, “greater is He that is in me than he that was in the world.” The way my life was going there was no way that God was greater than the evil force I was up against. That scripture had to be some kind of typo or something that didn’t pertain to “my situation” was my immature thinking.

Yes, I was falling for Satan’s lies instead of believing in God’s truth. God was greater but I wasn’t trying to look at things His way. I was too busy looking at the negative, the bad that were happening as I remained trapped in the depth of one pity party after another. It took several years but eventually God was able to get through to my hardened heart to show me that yes indeed He was the greater One.

Too easily we fall for Satan’s lies before we believe in God’s truth. It’s a fight we need to be willing to win as we look for God’s truth and hang on to it. Satan is out there trying all he can to disguise his lies to look like the truth like the two examples of what God wanted me to believe. Satan was good at making it appear as if the bad was never going to pass and that Satan was the greater more loud force in the world.

If you think about it, no bad time flies at the speed we want them to because we are anxious for them to get by. Kind of like the saying about how a watch pot never boils. Good times fly because we are so excited about them and we aren’t paying attention to each moment that passes. Suddenly before we know it they’re gone and we want them back.

As far as Satan being greater than God it’s because of the loud obnoxious sound of Satan’s voice that he comes across as being the bigger force. Truth is all he is, is the squeaky annoying wheel that gets all the oil and attention just to silence its sound. Frequently he likes to put on a big show to prove himself where God works best silently behind the scenes with nothing to prove.

No matter what the subject or what it is God is trying to get us to believe it’s important to make sure it is from God. We need to open our hearts to what God has to say, to pray daily, and engulf ourselves into His word. A heart that is willing to listen is much easier to get thru to than one that is stubborn and hardened full of skepticism and disbelief.

“Yes, Lord. I believe, in You!” That covers a lot of territory that covers a lot of truth!

Our host today is Loni again at her site Writing Canvas, after you’ve thought about what it is God wants you to believe or NOT believe join in with us and share.

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