Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Classroom in Session

His word is a book of instructions, guidelines, and boundaries. If we study the Word, learn His ways, and submit to His Word, we are protected. –Lara Velez, Psalm 91 – He Who Dwells…

Praise the Lord that God’s Word is a textbook for the classroom of life. It is full of instructions, guidelines, and boundaries. Boundaries? Yes, boundaries. The God who set the boundaries for the ocean telling it where it can stop and go has boundaries for us. Unfortunately this is where the secular world likes to make Christianity look unappealing. They claim we have no freedom with all the rules and regulations God has placed before us. They think we are so old-schooled that we haven’t had a modern thought in centuries.

Much to the world’s surprise we are way ahead of them. We not only have the layout for the future but for all eternity as well. Studying God’s word, learning His ways, and submitting to His Word is what will get us where we need to be in our journey forward. It protects us spiritually.

Some would think, ‘a lot of good that does me right now, I need protection from bad people, disease, mother nature, and other things first.’ No, if you ponder the idea when it comes to protection we have our priorities. We protect those things that are the most valuable, what we love the most, what means the most to us.

We need to start to realize that our spiritual lives should be the most important thing we set out to persevere and protect. It’s the one thing we will take with us into eternity. In some ways the condition of it going into eternity is what it always will be. Thankfully it will be minus all the worldly traits we don’t have to fight anymore but we still are responsible to get it in shape here and now.

Getting it into shape is what takes us back to the classroom of life and the lessons and growth that needs to take place there. Psalm 91 that is being studied begins with, “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” In other words, we are under God’s protection but we have our part to play. We have to attend the class of life with the attitude that we want to learn and grow from what we have been taught.

It should never be good enough to simply pass but to advance with a maturity goal that can be seen in our actions, attitude, and availability to God. Indeed the formula we have to use to accomplish this is the three in one, 1) study, 2) learn, and 3) submit. Once properly applied we get to dwell in the shadow of the Almighty, under His protection, engulfed in His love, surrounded by His wisdom.

I’d hate to burst any bubbles out there but school is never over. There will always be a classroom that demands our attention and gives us a lesson or a test we have to pass. It would do us well to pay attention to our Teacher, Jesus Christ. Doing so with the determination needed to study hard, learn well, and submit frequently all we have learned.

Our spiritual classroom is in session, where is your seat? Are you out in the hall waiting out your punishment? In the principals offices waiting for mom to come and get you after you’ve been expelled? Or are you sitting in classroom day dreaming of “after school? Or are you paying attention to the Teacher and taking serious the things needed to learn to move forward and achieve improvement.

Truth be known, I’ve probably been the student that has been in each of those positions at one point or another. A time or two or three or four or…… I’ve found myself up by the chalkboard writing 100 times the thing I did that I was told not to do.

No matter what area in our spiritual classroom we are currently in we need to continue to move forward and not to drop out and quit. We need the determination to better ourselves and to learn from our mistakes, to seek God’s protection. The Teacher has put a lot into the lessons we need to learn, it would do us well to do our best to learn them, to actually be teachable. It’s protection for our souls, its peace for our minds.

Our host today is Twinklemom at her blog, SunflowerFaith, you really need to get over there and see the wonders she has in store for us in this mini series of quotes from a study of Psalm 91.


Sunflower Faith said...

Wow...this is an amazing post and talk about a deep insight!
Thank you so much for participating this week.
Really enjoy reading your posts!

Debbie said...

I want to be a life long learner. We get to play a part in this too. Great insight into this quote Karen.

Blessings and love,