Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Truly Thankful

This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God, and I trust Him. Psalm 91:2 NLT

I love how this scripture starts out, “This I declare about the Lord!” It gives that firm finger wagging opening approach we use to get from the preachers at the pulpit. Penny Penhollow the preacher I grew up with in Powell Butte Oregon was good at that. He really got into his sermons and how he presented them served as a funnel suction that drew the congregation into what he felt, believed, and lived out in his life. It would do us well to be like those who are willing to stand up and declare to all those around us what we feel about the Lord and what He is to us. To be thankful for and appreciate all He has done whether we understand what is going on or not.

Whenever I read in the Bible a scripture that talks about God is my refuge, my place of safety, my God, my rock, my redeemer, my Savior, etc. I circle the word MY. I claim those as MY own as we all should. 1 Samuel 22 has a whole list of MY’s that would do us well to look at them and claim them for ourselves. We need to do so by putting out our voices or finger and state in words and action “This I declare about the Lord, He alone, alone, unaccompanied, single-handedly, without help, no one else, by Himself is MY ……. and let the list begin.

In today’s society we are guilty as charged of not telling our love ones enough what we think about them in the positive manner. We are quick to criticize and slow to praise. We have gotten that way with our worship and praise of God. We are quick to criticize what He has or hasn’t done in our lives but we are slow to praise Him and declare, announce, speak out, affirm what He truly means to us.

How is anyone ever going to know what we feel about the Lord or others if it’s never stated? One of our biggest problems I think we have with this is we assume too much. We assume our love ones should know we love them and God should know it too. What more do they expect, we don’t have time to stop and say it. ‘Good gravy,’ we’re busy people! A quick text should do. We don’t have time to call, we don’t have time to write, and we don’t have time to declare. They should know this stuff anyway. Can’t they tell? A simple pushing of the “like” button on Facebook should be enough to let them know we care.

WRONG! Without proper declaration with affirmation the message gets lost, smothered and totally distorted. The “I love you” in a text is that short, “I love you” and often it becomes even shorter sometimes, “I luv u.” or “I heart (symbol) u.” I love you in a face-to-face conversation can go on for hours. We need to stop using the shorter versions and begin those face-to-face conversations that can go on for hours. Not only with our love ones but with God as well as we stop assuming and start declaring what those around us mean to us, especially God.

Therefore, this day I would like to go first and declare what my family and God means to me. “God is my refuge and strength. He is my hero, my friend, and my stronghold. He has been the post I have been able to lean upon, the nourishment I needed to grow in, and the guide I needed to see me through dark and roughened roads. To Him I am truly thankful. He was the whisper in the night I needed to make me feel secure, the bright light in the day that gave out not only brightness but warmth as well. He was the hug I required when I felt lonely, the smile I needed when I couldn’t. My provider of all my spiritual wants and needs who gave me the family I have today. To Him I am truly thankful.

They are the family who has walked me through not only my epilepsy but now my cancer. To them I am truly thankful. They are the crutches I needed to walk across soft sandy beaches when my bone cancer prohibited me from doing it on my own. The lift up long stairs, the giggle I love to hear, the blessing that brings Sunshine to my day. To them I am truly thankful. They are the encouragement I require, the joy and happiness I need. I declare! I declare! I declare between God and my family and all they have done for me. I am truly thankful. Thank you for being all that I require and all that I need. To all of you, I am truly thankful.

Our hostess for this mini-series through Psalm 91 is Twinkle Mom who will be sharing on her blog, SunflowerFaith. It’s a must to go over there and see what she declares and the many others who participate.

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