Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Karen's Crossings Returns

Way back as far as 2008 I was using Karen’s Crossings to talk about my adventure with my head injury, epilepsy, stress seizures and my cure from the disease the head injury created. Looking back 20 years ago I remember the talk my husband and I had with the surgeon the week of my second brain surgery. Just for the record we were wondering what this surgery was going to cause down the road. The first surgery I had to remove the blood clot on my brain created the epilepsy I had to deal with down the road.

So far so good the only thing the second surgery created was 20 years of being seizure and medicine free. Just because that went so well didn’t necessarily mean there weren’t more adventures for me yet to come. On December 12, 2010 I was to start a new journey down Karen’s crossings, a journey down the road of cancer.

Sitting there in the emergency room at two o’clock in the morning the last thing my husband and I expected to hear was “you have bone cancer.” Those four words would set in motion a trip of top speed tests, doctor’s appointments, fears, tears, and thousands of hugs.

As I stop to think about my previous journey through my head injury and epilepsy I find a connection that brings the journey’s in the past together with the journey of today. That is the grasping of a hand. In my journey with seizures whenever I had a seizure someone was always there grasping my hand while I had my seizure. It was the first thing I noticed when I came out of my seizure. It touched my heart so much I wrote my autobiography around this adventure and titled it “Grasp My Hand.”

The first Sunday after the news about my cancer came out as I sat in church a dear friend near by noticed the tears I was trying so hard to hide. Giving up her seat next to her husband she came to sit by me. As she reached out to grab my hand not only did the tears flow but memories as well. It was just like when I use to have seizures. Here I was again going through a new adventure but some things about it weren’t so new.

Things such as the grasping of my hand by others, the journey with Christ and the strength He would provide, the love of those around me and the guidance from God’s word to guide me. It may be a new adventure but that which got me through before was going to get me through again.

If you will lead me Lord, I will follow.
Once again I feel you grasping on to my hand
as you take hold of my heart.
I love you Lord.

**The news today is the bone biopsy showed it is breast cancer caused. The good news about that is the fact that there is no other cancer I have to deal with. Praise the Lord.


Miriam Pauline said...

Praying you continue to have those around you to hold your hand and give you courage on this leg of the journey. Praying for you.

Marsha Young said...

You have been in my prayers. My nephew is currently fighting bone cancer and thus I am often reminded of you.

May God keep you in the palm of His hand and as the apple of His eye. Marsha Y.

Marsha Young said...

Karen - Continuing to hold you up in prayer, while you rely on the Lord for the strength to battle this illness. God be with you - Marsha Young