Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Corrected Vision

IOW quote February 29th

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” ~~Helen Keller~~

Ouch! Coming from a woman who was born blind that statement really should hit home in our hearts. Years ago when I took a required class at work the teacher asked everyone to write down where they saw or visioned themselves in 10 years. Oh boy, did she really want me to answer that? Home life not being at it’s finest the only vision I had of my future was being divorced. Ten years have passed and I’m still married, so much for that flawed vision.

The biggest flaw in our vision is the fact that so many of us suffer from farsightedness. We can get a good vision perhaps of the things far away using the dreams for our future and hindsight. However, we fail to see things that are close up and near. Helen Keller probably would have loved to actually see the ocean but you can bet she saw more of it than someone who had 20/20 vision. She used what she had to see and made an effort at it where others take for granted their eyesight, ability to hear, and smell.

Time is flying by and we haven’t even begun to see the things that are here for us to enjoy. We travel to all four corners of the world to see things such as Paris, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, the icebergs of Alaska, Disneyland, and more yet we are blind to the things around us. Soon these “famous places” are taking precedence over enjoying the simple smile of a newborn baby, the miracle of a lunar-eclipse, rain falling, the joy and excitement found in a young child’s eyes, the looks and sound of a river flowing, and snowflakes floating to the ground only to pile up to make a beautiful white blanket and so much more.

We’ve made the mistake of choosing to have selective vision, seeing what we want to see and hearing what our itching ears want to hear. How sad. We should be ashamed of ourselves for passing this lack of vision down to the next generation. It’s not too late to correct our vision or the lack thereof. Our future isn’t as dim as Satan would like us to believe it’s his future, in the long run, that is not looking good.

CLOSING THOUGHT: Unlike our physical vision we have the ability to choose whether we are going to have 20/20 vision or not. As being nearsighted, farsighted, or legally blind physically would never be something we would purposely choose we shouldn’t choose it spiritually as well. The world tells us that we are blind and we begin to believe it. They use their own machinery to measure what our vision is and we accept their diagnosis. Wrong.

If the source of our vision is Jesus’ eyes to guide us and observe the things around us then our vision isn’t flawed. If we are truly using what He has given us to see instead of ignore. To observe instead of bury. To better ourselves instead of give up hope. With Jesus in our sight we’re not looking backwards we are looking forward to a future that will last for all eternity. The choice is ours, 20/20 or legally blind. We can either look at what Jesus has put before us or what Satan wants us to see. One thing we definitely don’t need is Satan and the world playing the part of the Ophthalmologist telling us what our eyesight should be. No, that choice is ours to correct our vision. What Helen Keller said was true. The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. Amen? Amen!

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MiPa said...

"We’ve made the mistake of choosing to have selective vision, seeing what we want to see and hearing what our itching ears want to hear."

Oh amen. Selective vision causes so many problems. Bless you for sharing your thoughts.

Lana G! said...

Keeping our eyes on Jesus is definitely key.

Thanks for sharing.

Heather@Mommymonk said...

I am convicted of being farsighted (though physically I am quite nearsighted). I'm so caught up in trying to see ahead to the future that I forget to see the beauty that God has placed all around me in the here and now.

We have selective vision...I want my eyes opened to see His love all around me.

Heart of Wisdom said...

Great object lessons. Thanks. We can certainly choose selective vision when it comes to the Bible.

The light of Christ is the answer. Thank you,

lori said...

We seem to be on the same wavelength with this quote...I too saw the farsightedness that we so often have....
selective vision....leads to that thing called blindness....going all over creation and missing what is right under our feet....

I want to SEE!!
Eyes Wide OPEN!

Denise said...

Awesomely beautiful.

Susan said...

Wow, this was GREAT!! Thanks so much for sharing these awesome thoughts.

Lots to think about~

Anonymous said...

Wonderful insights. So true about the "selective vision"

If you have a chance - stop by and join the drawing for a neat book PLUS I will have SEVERAL next week! :)

Bonnie W said...

Great post. Thanks Karen.
I grew up nearsighted and with terrible astigmatism. I guess that's true of my spiritual life sometimes too - more than farsighteddness. I tend to see the things right in front of me rather than looking up or looking afar off to Jesus.
The topic of vision is one with depth and so much can be said about it/