Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finding Balance

IOW quote Mar 6th

We leave something incomplete everyday, whether it’s an area of housework, school, work, friendship, ministry~~ because we are finite.” From The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer~~

In reading this quote from Edith it is probably safe to say we have all been guilty of starting things we can’t finish. Poor planning, interruptions, unexpected circumstances can all lead to this. Sometimes its laziness or lack of discipline on our part that keeps us from completing what needs to be accomplished. Another reason is the plain and simple fact that we are finite, limited, restricted, or set. Oh really, we are?……..Yes, oh really we are!!

I hate to burst any bubbles out there in Readerland but we aren’t the super woman, mom, grandma, friend, co-worker we’d like to be. Some days it feels like we need to be in order survive but we don’t. There’s a balance that needs to be struck here between doing nothing and trying to hard.

In the areas where we have no control over the elements such as last minute emergencies, other people’s needs, and ongoing interruptions we need to keep our chin up along with our spirit and do what we can the best we can. Since life is full of interruptions that are never convenient we need to learn how to handle them. Accepting in our lives that it is okay to leave some things unfinished.

Poor planning, laziness, and lack of self-discipline are things we have control over that should never be the cause for unfinished projects. In all reality they are the cause at times and we need to recognize them as such and watch out for those moments. Doing what we can to correct these times and stop making excuses and blaming outside interruptions for something that is coming from within ourselves.

Giving up on our selves is neither the answer nor the solution. Beating ourselves up emotionally becoming our worse enemy doesn’t work either. The best way to go is working hard at finding what works for us in accomplishing our tasks. Am I over booked? Am I using my time correctly? What can go, what needs to stay? Where is my weakness in finishing what I started? What are my strengths? Using the answers we come up with to put together the perfect recipe that works for us to do our daily tasks.

CLOSING THOUGHT: Praise the Lord that we are finite, pre-determined, or restricted. If we weren’t I can’t even imagine what we would try to accomplish just because we knew we could. There wouldn’t be enough time in the day to cover all we would probably put on our “to do list.” However, still on the subject of balance we need to make sure that we are not restricting ourselves where God didn’t create us to be finite by the attitude we carry, the laziness we treasure, and the lack of discipline we don’t want to give up. Let God be the unrestricted One while we work at being all we can be in the confines of His restrictions not our own. Amen? Amen!

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lori said...

You know I COMPLETELY understand...
"There’s a balance that needs to be struck here between doing nothing and trying to hard."

That is sooooo true...I guess the answer lies in God and His will for me...if I can each day submit to Him, truly...then I will have done what HE wants for me to do....
some days it will be EVERYTHING on my list and some days, NOTHING at all....
thank you for joining us today...I LOVE hearing what "others" have to say...it really does inspire!!

twinklemom said...

Amen! Love your post...This quote is so close to my heart because of feeling it recently!

Susan said...

Amen and Amen, this was just awesome.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya! Totally agree. Been there and done that. LOL Great post!

Amy B said...

This was just awesome! Really!