Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

This “catchy saying” was a reminder to myself that no matter how discouraged I felt at times I had to keep on trying. Some days it was so frustrating that I didn’t care if I was a winner, I wanted to quit. I wasn’t sure it was worth the struggle to get to the finish line. I was tired. Seizures weren’t going away, other issues in life were mounting, how in the world could I possibly win.

It took a great effort to remind myself daily that I would never be a winner if I wound up quitting. At least if I kept on trying I had the hope of winning. If I stopped along the race in life and sat there and watched others run by I was never going to get anywhere. The fate of my epileptic life was in my hands, what was I going to do with it, quit?

No, I couldn’t do that. That is why it was important to remember in this race winning wasn’t based on whether I came out in first place or not, it was based on whether I finished the race at all. As long as I stuck with God as He was sticking with me I would come out ahead. I had no clue of the outcome of this adventure. I may never totally be cured of my seizures but already I was seeing a difference as they were decreasing. In some ways I was already a winner and I needed to remember that.

Satan doesn’t like seeing us come out ahead and he tries to convince us that we have no chance of winning. That we’ll never have what other people have, that we will never have a chance, that we will never……..and the list goes on. Its here, using the strength God provides that we need to tell him that he will never have us. No way, we may cross the finish line crawling and out of breathe but we needed to cross it anyway on our knees praying and relying and trusting in God. When we are on God’s team we all come out winners if we listen to our coach, Jesus Christ.

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