Saturday, February 28, 2015

Karen's Crossing~~~ God's Not Dead

Just as the day was lined with busyness and laughter it looked like it was going to follow us into the evening. After trying on grandma's wigs and watching their grandpa model one too the grandkids and I settled down to watch a movie they wanted me to see.

Little did I know what had started out a funny evening was soon going to turn into one of tears. Tears of joy as well as pain as the movie was one of great value and worth. 

It was the movie I had missed in the theatre when it first came out. The movie called "God's not Dead." Interesting enough when the movie was in the theater I was all ready to see it. Hot in my pocket was the money I had set aside to take my grandkids to it.

Unfortunately we never got to go then as my cancer was acting up. In fact soon I would find out my medicine had stopped working and my cancer was spreading. Fear and worry was in the air. 

However, a year later here I was not in the movie theater but in my own house about to watch what I once missed. Tonight as I watched the movie the tears of yesterday year came back to me. I knew in my heart I owed God a big thanks for stopping me from seeing the movie back then because neither my grandkids nor I would have been strong enough to listen to the message it had to give. 

In the heart of the story one of the characters finds out she has cancer and her boyfriend leaves her.  Another character was mad at God because his mom died from cancer when he was a little boy. His argument was how can you believe in a God who allows such a thing to happen. The girl with cancer was hoping what she was hearing about God was true because she knew she was dying. 

To listen to her cry out, "I'm dying I'm dying," brought tears to my eyes as I heard it in my own voice. A voice once crying out in the wilderness of despair and pain at a concert one night I had went to with my family. Crying silently inward drowning in my own pain were the words, "I'm dying I'm dying, this could be my last concert I'll ever see. What exactly did tomorrow have to hold?"

Self pity and fear was in the air and like in the movie I needed someone to remind me God wasn't dead He was more than alive. Slowly that message was reinforced in my heart as it was in the movie. One by one the characters in the story, thanks to a young boy, came to the conclusion God wasn't dead. In fact He was surely alive as the Newsboys put it in their song.

Just because we get cancer or dad comes down with dementia or mom has a major stroke or a child dies in a car accident doesn't make God dead. Life happens as it happens to all of us. What we do with what happens is up to us. 

Getting mad at God won't change the circumstances. Blaming Him and the world isn't going to improve the situation. Running into a dark corner to hide won't bring light to an already dark situation. Drinking our fears away may work for a night but they always seem to return to haunt us another day. 

The best thing we can do is to know God isn't dead. He hasn't left us or forsaken us just because things happen. It's because He is alive that we can live for all eternity if we so choose. 

Lately I've been told by several people that if God calls me home the one thing they will miss the most about me is my writing. To God be the glory on that one. It's because He is alive I am able to write thru a gift He has given me. The ink may be mine but the words are His. It's a gift that has allowed me to leave a paper trail to Jesus for those around me to follow. 

It would do us all good to remember God is as alive as we allow Him to be in our lives. However, it's important to realize He's never as dead as we make Him out to be simply because He lives. 

To quote a famous song once written, "because He lives I can face..." a lot of things such as:
Because He lives I can face my cancer. 
Because He lives I can face my dad's dementia. 
Because He lives I can face my mother not being able to talk to me because of her stroke. 
Because He lives I am able to face the pain alcohol can cause to some people or the pain of my cancer. 
Because He lives I can smile when the world tells me I should really be crying. 
Because He lives I can get out of bed in the morning when my cancer stricken body says 'No stay in, you've got a good excuse.'
Because He lives I can go to church in pain and come out refreshed and ready to face tomorrow 

Because He lives we all can face tomorrow. It doesn't matter how many we have left to face we can face them. 

So to you my wig wearing grandkids with me tonight and all my others whether mine by blood or adopted by love I say to you, "This is the trail I leave you on because God lives so does grandma. And so can you. Seek God, the one who's more than surely alive."

Love forever, 


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