Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bruise on My Banana

Recently during a family crisis uncertainty was in the air. Decisions were having to be made that were not easy to make. All of those who were involved tried their best to stay strong for each other. 
As difficult as it was to maintain my strength I managed to stay strong for a short while. Soon the weight of my emotions were starting to take their toll on me. The slightest thing would send me into tears.

For example, the day I found a bruise on my banana that started a flood of tears. As silly as it sounded that was where I was in fighting my emotions as was the case of other family members. Coming together one day we got to giggling about our emotional state. We all were at that delicate moment of crying at the littlest thing like a bruise on our banana.

What started out a critical moment soon turned into a time of laughter and comfort. Giggling about the emotion of crying over a simple bruise on our banana took our minds off the seriousness of the business at hand.

Too often we allow the little and big things in life to get to us and emotional havoc takes over. We lose site of the shore we should landing on and that's the one belonging to Jesus. We make the bruise on our banana to be something more than what it needs to be.

It's important we turn to God for our comfort and strength. Once found and properly applied its up to us to use that to help others. Help others to overcome and conquer their strongest emotional states when even a simple bruise on their banana can send them into tears.

There is no doubt about it, our feelings are fickle, and they can't be trusted or relied upon. We need to reach out and rely on what is reliable and that is God himself. Trusting in His strength, the promises of His word and the comfort in  His strength, power, and love. Standing by the truth that greater is He (God) that is in our hearts than any bruise on a banana.

It's time to giggle, its time to rely on God. Toss those bruised bananas and trust in God.

Copyright 2015 Karen J Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing.

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