Monday, January 26, 2015

Karen's Crossing~~~~~ Finishing Well

The day hadn't  start all that well. My cancer pain had gone beyond the limits of my pain patch. It had been awhile since it had been this bad. I almost forgot what it was like. With the use of my cane and extra pain meds I managed to get around to the finish. 

A good nap was helping for me to cope too. As I started to feel better I decided to go to town and meet my daughter at the bank before going shopping. As my grandson, granddaughter, and myself traveled to town we had a surprise waiting for us on the road. 
As I drove down a hill at sixty miles per hour a car was at the bottom wanting to turn left crossing my line of traffic. With her blinker on she had plenty of time to perform her task. Why she didn't I don't know. Her idea of turning left was to ride in my lane straight at me without a care in the world. 

As I got closer I hit my breaks, honked my horn, and skid along the pavement creating a nice pillar of blue smoke filled with the aroma of burnt rubber. Finally she slowly decide to exit my lane stage left. Scared by the whole incident I pulled over and began to cry. My granddaughter called her mom and told her to come to the canal as soon as possible. 

After a lot of tears I finally was fit to drive the rest of the way to town. As I did I thought about the angels that had to have been riding on my bumper that day. It was the rubber from their sneakers that safely screeched the car to a stop. 

Later at Wal Mart the checkout lady ask me if I was having a nice day. I told her, "well it started out a bad cancer day then I was almost in a head-on collision as I drive to town." As the lady apologize for my day I told her it was ok because I planned to finish it well because I so choose to do so. 

Enough of this bad stuff, I wasn't going to let it all get to me to the point where my whole day was shot because of it. In spite of starting off bad I wanted it to finish well. 

Like my cancer I had always felt like I had angels on my bumper watching over me. Angels used by God to keep me safe emotionally and spiritually in my life in order that I may finish well. 

Finish well the life created in my mother's womb that gave birth to me. Finishing well the task I was assigned as mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, writer, and so much more. 

Cancer wasn't going to make my task easy but God was going to make it possible. Circumstances in certain situations was slowing me down but it's God's speed that things happen anyway. Emotions were at their worse behavior but the joy I felt in the Lord was so much more effective. 

Finishing well the day that started out so bad was a choice. Just as finishing well my tasks on earth. Even Jesus knew when to say, "It is finished." And oh how he finished well. 

As I told my friend about my day's adventure I told her, "honestly Kay I don't try to live life on the edge. It just seems like the edge finds me.  What I truly want to find for me is the task of finishing well for The Lord."  
Years ago I painted a wall hanging that said, " God put me on earth to accomplish a certain number of things!! Right now I am so far behind....I will never die!"

It was funny at the time but now I see more than a touch of humor behind it. Whether we don't finish our tasks on earth will not postpone or speed up our departure from it. We should want to finish well and not leave behind the Lord's work He has given us to do. 

Thirty some years after painting the wall hanging I would like to change it to say, "God has put Karen on earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Because she is so far ahead she was able to depart early to further works of The Lord awaiting for her in Heaven."

She finished well. She finished well. 
A goal for all to meet. 

Copyright January 2015 Karen J Gillett @Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing. 

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