Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Note in the Night

The time on the clock varied. It was either the middle of the night or early morning depending on how you looked at it. As I still was feeling the pain and uncertainty from my radiation treatment 'the middle of the night' sounded more right to me.

As my cancer recently grew it seemed like everything was falling into the category of the 'middle of the night.' Answers were yet to be found. Problems yet to be redeemed. Darkness was covering an area that was already gray. 

As I found myself wide awake in the middle of the night searching for something I opened my Bible to read one more time a scripture I took with me to my radiation treatment from Daniel 11:32b. "...but the people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits." Just seconds after reading it my phone signaled me an email had just came in. Already wide awake I thought I would read it. As I opened it the only thing that caught my attention was the signature at the bottom. It said "Shirley" then after that it had the scripture I just read in Daniel. It was as if God had sent  me a note in the night reinforcing the importance of what I just read. 

The note in the night from Him was to let me know those who know their God will be strong and carry out great exploits. It wasn't a fly by thought to carry me over from disaster to disaster. It was a promise with great faith and trust behind it. One I was responsible for to make come true strictly by "knowing" intimately and closely who my God was. I had always known in my heart it was never good enough to just know of Him we need to know Him as we know our best friends, child, spouse, or anyone else we are close to. 

For its with that knowledge comes the fact that we will be strong and carry out great exploits. Great exploits such as surviving cancer, addictions, emotional wounds, and life itself. Our knowledge of who God is and what He is capable of doing gives us the strength to go on. We are not living off a kill or cure policy but a know and grow one. It's not, God cure me of my cancer this day and I'll love you forever. It's I will love you forever because I know you, what happens to my cancer is obsolete. Therefore the process of knowing and growing continues and so does our strength. 

Where my cancer leads me next I don't know but oh what the joy for those notes in the night if only I am willing to look. If only I am willing to gain back the strength that is lost in the middle of the night so I can be carried over to bigger and to greater exploits. 

Copyright 2014  Karen J Gillett @ pencil marks and recipes publishing. 

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