Monday, January 13, 2014

Ticker Not working

It's been a month and one day since we admitted mom to the hospital. After a week in there the found out she had a GI bleed. Now here I sit again in a different hospital thirty miles away from the one mom was in but this time it's dads turn to get all the attention. In the process of growing old his ticker or his heart decided it didn't want to work correctly anymore.

After finding out his heart rate was too slow a scheduled pacemaker was set to take place. Unable to wait for his dually appointed time he passed out again and was admitted to the hospital a day early.

Today as the clock tics away to the surgery time emotions are stirred, fears revisited, regrets recalled, and so much more. The dad I see in the hospital is not the one I remember running around on the ranch. The rancher who was up before dawn and to bed after the stars came on duty. The one who could buck a bale a hay with no problem and ride a horse with the greatest of ease. I am sure if we had a tall building on the ranch he could have leap over it with a single bound. Just teasing on that last one. He may have been able to if one of his meanest bulls was chasing after him.

Just the same it's hard to watch him grow old and mom too. Those were probably thoughts they had with me when I was growing up. No, his words were more "are you ever going to grow up. You're going to make me old before my prime!"

Growing old or staying young it's all a season we have to travel thru. The journey at times can be difficult while other times quite pleasant however in the journey our ticker can often wear out. It doesn't matter physically or spiritually it can happen.

Emotionally we need to install a pacemaker that is there to get our spiritual heart beating in the correct rhythm it was meant beat in. We have no excuse if our ticker or spiritual heart isn't working because we are the ones who need to tend to its care.

For the longest time dad debated whether he wanted to have the procedure or not. He had all sorts of excuses to argue his point. No matter where the argument went it always came back to the bottomline. That one point that couldn't be argued. The fact that if you don't do this you will die.

We need to wise up to the fact that are spiritual heart is no different. We can argue all we want about the fact we don't need to take care of our emotional heart. There's no such thing that even needs cared for some would say.

Well we're wrong.

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