Sunday, September 29, 2013

Karen's Crossings~~~Journey with Epilepsy and Cancer

On Karen's Crossing's I am going to be reviewing more the tools I used for fighting my stress seizures over 20 years. I will be covering them on my other BlogSpot as they were the topic I spoke about at Women's Retreat this year. In order to complete what I started with the ladies I'm going to finish reviewing them on the Women's Retreat blog.

So join me over there on a topic I have covered on this BlogSpot as well under Karen's Crossings.

As far as the current episode of Karen's Crossings, my tumor markers have gone up again in a jump of 17 points. Last month they had jumped 9 points. Monday I will be having a bone scan test and Wednesday another CT scan looking for signs of new growth. If there is no new growth it could have been stress that made them jump. Go figure, stress is such a tattler. Perhaps that is a good thing then it makes us look a little closer where we need to give something over to the Lord because evidently we can't handle it.

I have had a stressful month with my father-in-law dying, my best friend's dad dying as well, then my aunt too, plus my granddaughter's 7 baby pit bull puppies. However, that doesn't give me an excuse to not continue to lean on the Lord and trust in His lead to see me through so many tears and sad, sad memories. As I told someone at church today, who just found out he had cancer, that we needed to get together and have us a lemon-aide stand. After all, they say when life throws you a lemon, you need to make lemon-aid. In other words, learn how to make the most of what you are dealing with in life. As tough as it is at times, its possible when we trust God.

Anyway hop on over to WOCWF and follow along.

In love W.I.T.H. Jesus,


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