Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shake it Off

We need to shake off our bad attitudes, thoughts and negative garbage in our minds by sending some Holy Spirit fire to drive out these sucker demons. God would never say, “Ok give up you gave it your best shot.”  No we instantly know that God wouldn’t say that so then why do we so easily believe Satan when he says the same thing.   Joyce Meyers


“We” as in “ourselves” do indeed need to shake off our own bad attitudes, thoughts and negative garbage. It’s not up to those around us to deal with these things. It’s our job to shake them off the instant they arrive. Recently at the Easter egg hunt at the White House a young child was crying. President Obama tried to console him by telling him to, “Shake it off. Shake it off.” The last thing anyone would have heard said to the child would have been, “Oh its okay to cry, throw your fit, you deserve to be heard.” That’s preposterous.

As I have told my grandchildren, we shouldn’t have to pay the price because they want to use whatever excuse they can come up with to justify wrong attitudes, thoughts, and thinking. Often people will use such excuses as, “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, had a bad day at work, not feeling well and others” as their reasons for having attitude issues.

Our job is not to excuse our behavior but to fight against it by sending the fire of the Holy Spirit in to drive it out. We know good and well God would never say to us, “Ok give up you gave it your best shot.” No, He expects us to fight against those desires that go in opposition to what He rather we would do.

Isn’t it funny though, ‘well no not really,’ that when Satan says to us ‘we gave it our best shot’ we instantly believe him. It doesn’t take us but a few seconds to quit. However, when God tells us we are doing well and to keep going and our best is yet to come we don’t believe Him and we instantly quit.

Do I detect a pattern here? Yes, it doesn’t matter what it is we seem to quit a little too easy now-a-days. We have lost our diligence to give it our best shot and to keep on going.

We don’t think “we” can “shake off” those bad attitudes, choices, and wrongful decisions so we don’t even try.

I have to say we are right about one thing, ‘we’ can’t do it alone. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to come in and do the job for us. However, we have to step aside and grant God the permission to do so. We have to really want to shake off the bad and replace it with the good. Ouch, did I just hear an action word use there? We have to replace the bad with the good? Yes it doesn’t do any good to shake off the things that don’t belong if we don’t repent and change our ways and replace them with good attitudes, habits, thinking, and choices.

Now not later is the time to get to shaking to stir that which is in us to improve in order to shake off instead of slack off. Together with the help of the Holy Spirit it can be done!

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