Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Night I wore Pink

As I lay awake at midnight the clock striking twelve reminded me of the night I learned about my cancer. Two years ago this midnight I was seen in the emergency room where the news was revealed. Who would have thought a simple trip into the local hospital would have turned into this.

I praise the Lord I made the trip that night. My cancer had already taken over my breast, bones, and lungs and it wouldn't have stopped there had I not went.

I'll never forget the sound of Don's cry from the corner of the room nor Nycol's from the echo of the phone. It was time for a group hug as we met at the bed where I laid. Life had put up a detour sign and we were only beginning to see where it would lead us.

There would never be too many hugs nor would the tears ever completely run dry. We were in this together and it was best we walked in harmony with each other. Little did we know there would be times I couldn't walk on my own I would need help. A shoulder not only to lean upon but one to cry upon as well.

 Our journey has been rough and tough at times but thanks to God we have survived. The grand kids have been wonderful through all of this. My support group continues to grow. This certainly wasn't my choice of adventures but I am thankful for what I have learned during it, the love I have been given, the blessings God has bestowed upon me.

Yes it has done us well to walk in harmony for when one of us is weak the others can be strong and we can travel ahead leaning and supporting one another.

"Thank you Lord once again for seeing me through and walking me out of life's difficulties one step at a time. I may walk in physical pain but I don't in spiritual pain thanks to You, Lord. So for now it's time to close my eyes and count my blessings. "

 1. My relationship with Jesus
2. Don and Nycol and my grand kids
3. My family and friends
4. My work and those I work with
5. My church and the strength I receive from them
6. I can walk on my own no matter how slow
7. My cancer remains in control
8. I get to see my grand kids grow up
9. I grow stronger spiritually day by day
10. I get the opportunity to write God's blessings for others to read
11. Pink isn't a bad color after all
12. For tonight as it is 12-12-12 still, oops I forgot it struck midnight already. Anyway my twelfth blessing is the blessing that I am not alone in my journey.

Praise the Lord the blessings will continue to flow. Thanks everyone for the parts you each play. Stay focused on God and together we will walk in harmony one step at a time, no matter how slow or wobbly that step may be. To God be the glory.

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