Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In Udder Words ~~~~~ Top of the Rock of Jesus

Sometimes God lets you hit rock bottom so that you will discover that He is the rock at the bottom                    Dr. Tony Evans  

The plans for the house we were going to build were ready to go. Arrangements were made, permits bought, lumber purchased, and concrete ordered all to get us started on our little nest we were ready to call home. The next thing that needed to be done was the breaking of the ground to dig out the area where the foundation was going to be laid.

The first few feet of dirt was easy to remove but then we hit what they call the “hardpan.” That layer of earth that is almost impossible to get through as it serves as one big solid rock. Try as we might to go further once the hardpan was hit there was no going further and our building process began from there.

In our spiritual lives we experience this same thing in a different kind of way. We make our plans, we do our arrangements, we rearrange things around us all in effort to build up and get what we want. Sometimes our adventures lead us down roads not so pleasant that end up in a free-fall to the ground where we hit what they call “rock bottom.” 

It is from that rock bottom position that we finally take the time to stop and look up and around to do an assessment of our lives. We discover the mistakes we made, the risks we took that weren’t worth it, the misguided decisions that got us to where we were at the rock bottom or the hardpan position of life that we came to.

It is in that position that humbleness replaces arrogance, trust in God replaces trust in our own abilities, and a firm foundation replaces sandy shores. All of which is done when we discover the best rock to land on at the bottom, top, middle or anywhere is the rock of Jesus. It’s really a shame we don’t save ourselves the time and effort and start there in the first place. However, we don’t as there always seems to be the top layer of dirt or life that has to be removed first.

The hardpan of the earth is where we started to build the base of our home and the rock bottom is the place where we need to build our spiritual foundation. A foundation based on the rock of Jesus for a footing that cannot be moved. A cornerstone that will always keep us upright as long as we continue to build upon it instead of replace it with other things in life. Things that will cause a foundation to shift and move such as our attitude, priorities, our choices in life, our lack of obedience to God’s word and will and selfishness.

It would do us well to stop and frequently look at the condition of our spiritual building instead of waiting for life to send us falling. If there are issues with the structure once properly inspected we will find out it was not the Rock of Jesus that moved but where we chose to build that was altered.

Turn your “rock bottom” into the top of the rock of Jesus and build on something that will last for all eternity. Thanks to the Lord our building Inspector, Architect, and Carpenter.

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