Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sticky Notes from God~~~~~ Hopping on Board to God

Circumstances can be used as our chariots of God, they are there to take us to God

Suddenly when we find ourselves in certain circumstances we think we are being punished by God. We instantly think God has moved away from us by leaving us to fend for ourselves. These are all lies planted by Satan to make us believe something that is not true.

 Our circumstances no matter how good or bad are our chariots to God. They are the transportation needed to draw closer to Him.  Years ago when a friend of mine was dying of cancer he said he was glad he got cancer because it drew him closer to God.

 As crazy as it sounded I understood what he meant back then and even more so today now that I have cancer myself. My cancer, my epilepsy I used to have, my search for answers, life’s situations in themselves have all served as chariots to God.

 Each one drew me closer and closer to my Lord because I was wise enough to allow them to. As we hitch hike along the road of life wondering where we are going to wind up we can either hop on board with God or stay at the bus stop and hope for a different ride.

 I’m hopping on board with God.

© 2012 Karen J. Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing

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