Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In Udder Words Tuesday ~~~ Keep On Keeping On

“You have to be determined that nothing is going to hinder you from fulfilling God’s plan and purpose for your life.” Joyce Meyers
Last night as I went over to my parent’s house my dad asked me how I was doing. Ever since I came back from the Cancer Treatment Center in Arizona he’s been asking me that every time he sees me. Along with his question this time he gave a little parental advice. He told me to never give up, to keep on keeping on. It touched my heart to hear his encouragement although it’s something he has told me all of my life.
 It is so true that we need to be determined that nothing is going to hinder us from fulfilling God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Each of us travels down our chosen roads but things seem to come up that creates a detour sign that sends us off in a different direction.
 Years ago my husband and I got into that same situation when we were detoured over a mountain pass we were traveling on. A deadly accident on the top of the mountain was creating a delay so everyone was detoured around it. The road they had us go on was narrow, winding, rough, and rocky. It wasn’t the typically paved highway we all like to drive on. After traveling for miles we began to doubt we read the detour sign right. The road was taking us into a part of the wilderness we had never seen before.
 When was it going to end? Where would we wind up? What if we had taken the wrong road? Doubt and fear flooded our minds as we continued on, going back would only create a longer journey home down a different, lengthier path we were more familiar with. Finally after sticking to it we came to the end of the road and came out in an area where we at last knew where we were.
 Life is like that on a daily basis it seems like and we need to be determined to keep on going and to not give up. Fighting my epilepsy years ago was often more than I could handle but in order to get anywhere in life I had to keep moving forward. Now with cancer facing me the same rules of the road applies, “Keep moving forward.” 
 The road we are forced to take may not be the smooth path we were on, it may be rough and rocky but if we stick with it we’ll eventually come out ahead. God doesn’t send us on these detours without traveling with us. He’s not the flagman at the detour sign pointing his finger to, ‘go that way.’ He’s the pilot car ahead of us asking us to follow Him.
 The only way that is possible is to be determined to keep on going and not allow anything to hinder God’s plans for our lives. Often we think situations in life do that to us frequently when it’s only a partial truth. The biggest thing that hinders us from fulfilling God’s plans for us is “us.”
 Ouch! Did that hurt to say that? It’s the truth. Our attitude and lack of determination will be the downfall of any progress we could be making at fulfilling God’s plans for us. We need to set our eyes on Jesus and keep on going in spite of life’s detours, obstacles, washed out bridges, and delayed traffic. Eventually we are going to come to the end of the road and we will be somewhere familiar on a path with Jesus, all because of our determination to keep on keeping on.
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