Monday, November 5, 2012

I made it

My journey at the Cancer Treatment Center is complete. After going thru the series of testing they found out what my doctor is doing is exactly what I need right now. As long as the oral chemotherapy pills are keeping my tumor markers down then I'm okay. There are four or five pills I can go thru before I run out of options and have to go to chemotherapy infusions.

I learned about nutrition and got some ideas about meal planning. I found out that I don't have to be scared of sugar. The nutritionist said that we need some carbs in our bodies so the thing I heard about cancer loving sugar is only partially true.

The atmosphere at the Center was very encouraging and positive. I was treated well all the way from limo rides from the airport to discounted foods at the cafeteria daily. There was always a hug around every corner and people offering a helping hand in one way or the other.

Once when I was having my MRI, CAT scan, and Bone scans done Don ran into a gentleman that was having a hard time with his wife's cancer. She had spent the night before tossing around in bed crying, "I don't want to die, I don't want to die!" His bloodshot eyes and drenched tears were a sure sign of his stress and concern. Don encouraged him that things were going to be okay. The next day I got to meet him and offered him the same encourage as he had a little more of a smile on his face than the day before.

The whole thing was a journey I think my spirit needed and I'm so glad that my sister Juli and niece Stephanie enouraged me to go. Only those two could have done it for some reason, they seem to challenge me for some reason. In a good way. Nycol was great too as her and the grandkids took care of the homefront. I told her at the airport I still had that one empty pocket I wanted to put her in to take her with me but it wasn't big enough. Rats! Oh well, I know she was with me in spirit and that counts sometimes more than a physical appearance.

To my Facebook pals I have to give you praise too for all your prayers and words of encouragement sent my way. It helps to have a great support group as each one of those people at the Cancer Treatment Center requires.



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