Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Forever in the Hands of God

She is held by Emmanuel, and while she may stumble along the way, while she might trip in the line of His palm, she will never fall out of His hand.” Hillary McFarland

“Emmanuel” God with us. Praise the Lord! From the beginning of time or maybe not quite that long I have lived off the theory that Satan can trip me but he can’t make me fall. It was that simple little truth that helped me deal with the epilepsy I had for 12 years. Especially during the last five years when I was fighting my stress seizures.

Over and over again I found myself laying flat on my back. Before I found out about my stress seizures it appeared I had fallen several times battling my disease. After learning that 90% of the seizures were stress caused it became up to me and not the doctor to cure myself of this ailment or at least the 90%.

Becoming my own cheerleader I decided to not give in yet give up the thing that was causing the most seizures, stress! Reassuring myself that Satan could trip me but he couldn’t make me fall was a tremendous help. I knew in my heart that I never could fall out of the hand of God and no matter what happened I could do it because I was holding the hand of God himself. Better yet, He was holding on to my hand.

Think about it, the holding hand thing. Have you ever held the hand of someone that really wasn’t holding on to yours? If you were to loosen your grip down would come both your hands. It’s a very unloving feeling, a one-sided kind of love. That’s not the way it is with God, He is holding on to our hand just as much as we are His. When we loosen our grip due to our behavior, attitude, and bad choices His hand is still firmly gripped. This is illustrated in the scriptures in Psalm 37:24 Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; For the LORD upholds him with His hand.

Oh it makes me want to cry all over again thinking about the many times I did slip, the times I thought I had fallen but God upheld me with His hand. The worse kind of fall is the one where we trip and fall making no effort to get back up. That is a true fall, a true loss on our part. You can just see Satan there in the arena of our lives standing close by when we have fallen. Loudly counting, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, YOU'RE OUT!” We get the option to stay down or rise again and keep on trying.

Like the boxer in the fight we need to bounce back up and try all over again until we win. Whether we want to admit it out loud or silently to ourselves we are the ones who allow Satan to get the best of us. We need to read our Bibles daily and claim those promises that tell us God will never leave us nor forsake us. No scripture promises easy sailing but they do show us that there is another shore that we will land on after the storms in life hit.

The best shore to look forward to is the knowledge of knowing we are forever in the hands of God. I didn’t get epilepsy and then later cancer because God had temporarily set me down out of His hand so He could go check His emails and Facebook account. I’m still in His hands, still as safe and secure as the day I crawled up into His arms. The shield around me is protecting my soul, my heart, and my spirit. The joy of a disease free body comes when I go to heaven. Until then I will always choose to remain in the hands of God.

Satan can trip me but he can’t make me fall because once again I am forever in the hands of God.

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