Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Different Lens

“People go abroad to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compasses of the ocean . . . . and they pass by themselves without even imagining.” St. Augustine of Hippo

Recently in my average routine hum drum trip to work my imagination went on a journey all its own. Yes, I can drive and think at the same time. On my mind that day as I looked out upon the juniper trees, sagebrush, and brown dirt was my niece’s scuba diving adventure she had told me about. She had gone on a dive one day with her friends when they came upon a sting ray that was just as curious about them as they were about it.

Picturing what it would be like to see what she sees on those dives I told her, “You know I can’t imagine the beauty you see when you go on these dives. It has to be absolutely breath taking.” There she was looking at all the marvelous colors and creatures of the sea and what did I have to look at? It was definitely nothing as colorful as she was looking at under the sea.

As the car kept rolling along I had to stop myself in the tracks I was thinking. It was time to look at what I saw on a daily basis through a different lens. What I was seeing had its own beauty no matter how dry and dirty it may have looked. The same Creator that painted the ocean’s pictures was the designer behind what was in my landscape. I didn’t need to go under the ocean to see true beauty. I didn’t need to travel afar to climb the highest mountain to experience it. I didn’t need to hug the waves of the ocean to feel it.

God’s wonders are everywhere and they are embedded into everything He has touched including our own lives. We don’t have to go to great links to find it but simply look within to ourselves and the things around us. One day my husband caught me staring out the dining room window and it made him curious as to what I was looking at. “Nothing in particular” I said then I went on to explain the fact that we don’t look out our windows enough. We get so wrapped up in other things we let true beauty go by without even noticing it.

For example, the true beauty and wonders that is found in the ant on the sidewalk that works so diligently to store its food. Exquisiteness found in the bird in flight that knows just when to dive down to catch its fish for dinner. Just look at the tree that stands at attention sharing its branches to traveling birds. Just look at yourself and how you are fearfully and wonderfully made, designed with the utmost detailed, created with the upmost care. Within us contains a true splendor that goes deeper than the skin in a beauty that is not enjoyed by only a selected few but its available to all.

We need to stop thinking we have to travel to the Grand Canyon or the oceanfront to find God’s wonder when all we have to do is travel within ourselves and see it at work. At work where we allow it to be at work within us as we patiently wait for the finished product. If we can spend hours at the gym, the beauty parlor, or the health food store we should be willing to spend hours on our inner beauty reading our Bibles, praying, following the one that is the Author of our faith, the beautician behind our inner beauty, and the creator of the wonders going on in our souls.

Look in, and then look out. It’s simply breathtaking what God has created and continues to create within us. It’s true what they say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The eyes of the one who is noticing, paying attention, observing. It’s all in our attitude of whether we see ourselves and our daily journey as something as hum drum, average, boring or as one that is full of God’s breathtaking wonders. The choice is up to us, the time is now to look thru a different lens.

Our host today is Nina over at Mama’s Little Treasures so you need to scurry on over there and join in with us today and see what wonders of God unfold and come to life.

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