Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Repentance~~Go and Sin no more

The Christian who has stopped repenting has stopped growing. Repentance is the tear in the eye of faith.” Moody

Often in life we get the wrong idea about what repentance is all about. The first mistake we make is thinking we don’t have to do it because God is so loving, kind and understanding. He forgives all, remembers nothing, everything goes because nothing stays. Yep we reason with ourselves that all is well the minute any act of defiance against God is done because it’s instantly forgiven and forgotten. We turn it into something where God is the one who makes all the moves and we get to sit idly by and continue in our current behavior.

This of course leads us to the second mistake people have with repentance and that is the mistake of thinking saying you’re sorry is enough. However, again true repentance is being sorry for our sins, our behavior, and our attitude with the determination to not go there again. Word of warning for those who don’t make that decision or lifestyle change as time passes on they soon fall into a dangerous trap. The trap where we eventually stop all efforts of repenting which in turn stunts our growth as Christians.

We stop apologizing for our sins, seeking atonement, being sorry for what we have done, and before you know it we lack sorrow for going against God. We have no desire to change our ways in true repentance and we thus find ourselves standing in the middle of a trap already sprung by our own behavior.

Truly the tear in the eye of faith shows up is the sorrowful soul struggling to do what is correct. Wanting badly to follow yet is burdened with frequent obstacles stunting their growth and progress. It’s like what Jesus told the adulteress woman who was about to be stoned by her accusers, “Go and sin no more.” We need to go and sin no more because we have repented. It doesn’t guarantee that we won’t sin again because we stumble, we trip but we don’t have to fall because of our behavior. We must never give into the pressure of “Staying the way we are because God made us that way.” What kind of repentance is that!

We are who we are because we allow it. Repentance says we don’t want to stay there, we want to grow, we want to conqueror, we want to be in control of our own behavior and not let it run a muck. The tear of repentance that begins to stream slowly down our spiritual face shows God we are truly sorry and we want to do better. Don’t fall back on the excuse that “we are human” but stand upon the example of those who have gone before us that stood strong, repented frequently and won the battle as they fell alive into heaven such as Peter and Paul.

Repentance is between us and God but the result produces a by-product for all to enjoy.

© 2012 Karen J. Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing

**In this picture I am sharing, is me praying for a love one, repenting my own behavior and crying out to Jesus for various reasons. When I first started praying that day behind me was dark, dark clouds that soon became lighter and brighter. That's the way it is when we start down the road of repentance. At first the cloud around us is pretty dark but if we continue eventually the clouds become lighter and brighter thanks to Jesus.

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