Saturday, May 12, 2012

Special Occasions should be everyday as a time to say I love you in words and deeds

Happy Mother's Day to my mom of 49 years. Ooppsss I may want to lie about my age but I don't want to lie about how long I have been blessed by having mom in my life. So far that has been 53 years. What a precious gift we have to be blessed with a loving caring mom who sets a good example to follow. Not everyone gets that pleasure in their lives but those who do need to stop and take notice and be thankful. No matter how bad we think we have it with our mom's or parents there is always something we find to thank the Lord for regarding them. Waiting for their funeral to give testimony for how wonderful they were isn't going to crack it. I'm ashamed sometimes of myself that I waited till my mom had her major stroke before I really got to know her from the inside out. Being her caregiver and the voice she lost from her stroke I needed to know her more and more. I would give anything to hear her speak one more time, to hear what it sounds like to carry on a conversation with her. I'm thankful she has a few words she can still speak but I still miss her voice. As I watch her fight her way back from her stroke I see a determination to keep going forward and do all she possibly can to succeed, its something that I see coming out in me thanks to her as I fight my cancer.

Thanks mom for all you are and all you have made me be thru your examples.

Happy Birthday Don. I love you both. Speaking of special occasions after Tuesday is another special day. On Wednesday is my grandson's 8th birthday. Happy Birthday Anthony. I love you too.

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