Friday, February 3, 2012

In Other Words Tuesday for February 7, 2012

I am the host for February 7th. My quote will be "Our problem is not a generation gap between adults and kids. Our problem is the gap between God and adults in order to reach our kids."  J Vernon Magee

I will post my writing Monday night to get the ball rolling. On Tuesday I will be preoccupied with something until Thursday so if I don't get back to those who participate be patient. Better yet, pray for the reason I will be pre-occupied. God knows what I'm up to but someone else doesn't. Its a surprise.
While you're praying, pray for my neice Stephanie. She is being tested for her seizures to see if they can correct them or not via surgery. She needs to have a seizure for them at the hospital in California. It sounds like a horrible prayer request but it's what needs to happen in order to see if they can help her. I went through this once when they were doing the same for me. It felt weird "wanting" to have seizures but they needed them to measure how they could help. My situation was different than her's. My problem was scar tissue from a previous head injury that was causing my seizures. Stephanie has a lesion in her forhead that is the cause of some of her seizures. If her "big" seizure is coming from that area too then they think they can operate.
Just pray for her please. I had this request a year ago for the same reason. The test they did helped but they need to do it again but this time hopefully with the "one" particular seizure. That's another strange thing I learned when I went through this years ago. I had different kinds of seizures. When they were measuring me I had all of them but one. They told me to concentrate on that one seizure and maybe I would have it. It worked. 
 This is a picture of me and Stephanie having a water fight. Stephanie was the one that started the fight but her Aunt Karen hung in there and won. She might not agree with that but I do. The little sneak years ago got herself a water pistol strictly for attacking me. The first few times I was hit came without warning. Wising up to the fact that she kept that thing loaded at all times I bought me one! Boy after that the fight was on. Talk about fun. 

Here we are showing our faces in San Francisco a year ago.
Love you Stephanie, Aunt Karen and many others are praying for you. Have a great and wonderful trip.

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