Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beauty for every season

 People are often seasonal. One person likes the spring, another the summer, the next prefers the fall, and then there are always the winter folks. In every season no matter which one we prefer we can find beauty. My brother one day at our parents house, he's the one on the front deck there, said the popular tree next to the house has never looked so good. To him in the fall when the tree turns yellow that is when its has its true beauty.

No matter what season we are in we need to look for the beauty of that season. In our lives there are seasons as well. Times when things are blooming and going well. Times when things are at its best. Times when things aren't so well and everything seems to be fall apart like the leaves off the tress. Times of cold dark wintry days when there doesn't seem to be any hope for spring.

We need to look past the season and see God in each one. Look for the beauty hidden in each and focus on that. Even if the only beauty to be found is the fact that we have God at our sides walking us through these moments. We can't be like those who the minute one of their less favorite seasons comes close they start complaining. Over the years many seasons have come and gone and they will continue that way, how we live our lives thru these seasons makes a difference.

Best thing to do is to take a look, take a peak, and find God wherever your're at and allow him to walk you through each season of your life.

© 2011 Karen J Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing

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