Tuesday, March 29, 2011

God the Answer

I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer. You are yourself the answer. Before your face questions die away. What other answer would suffice? ~ C.S. Lewis ~

It’s amazing sometimes how we struggle to find all the answers to life. We go every where trying to figure it out. We search in places we have no business going. We try drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, sports, work, eating and anything else that will give us the answers. It’s like searching for those pairs of glasses we lost that were on top of our heads all along.

We do that with God. We look right passed the answer figuring there must be something more. After all believing and trusting in God is too simple, there has to be more. We overlook the true solution in search for what we think the answer may be. Truth be-known we’ve already came up with the answer in our minds and we keep looking until we find something close to it.

Lately in the news you hear a lot about different things going on. Millions of dollars wasted on a studying showing if you go to church you will end up fat. People get fat because of their eating habits not because they attend church once a week. Darwin thought he found the answers to things and look how far off he got. Later he came to the correct conclusion that there is a God who created us but everyone stuck like glue to his first answer. Why? Because it was the solution they wanted to hear for the answer they were seeking.

Many of our Bible Buddies like Eve went searching for answers in all the wrong areas. Her solution was a piece of fruit when she had the true answer all along, God. The tower of Babel incident that they thought was a great solution but wound up not being the answer at all.

Just because we find an answer doesn’t make it the right answers when the test of life gets handed in and graded. We may have thought we had the solutions to come up with the correct answers but they wind up being wrong.

In the end it comes down between our solutions or God the answer, which do we want to choose. The one will get us where we need to be, the other will only send us off searching for more solutions to find the right answer.

If you think about it the quicker the answers, the shorter the quizzes so why not go straight to the answer to them all, God. We don’t need to change a one answer quiz into a multiple choice test by the choices we make. There is no such thing as “all the right answers.” God is the right answer, no other answer will do. Choose the answer first, God and the questions in life will come.

© 2011 Karen J Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing


Bonnie Winters said...

Karen, I'll have to look up that study about the relationship between church and getting fat. Hmmm, must be all the pot luck dinners.... Next they will do one on whether Christians are more apt to be couch potatoes..... LOL!
Thanks for your post today. God is truly our answer.

Jennifer said...

Love the analogy to the glasses right on top of our head! So true!! Thanks so much for sharing today. Please forgive me for getting the linky up late...I somehow missed completely that it was my week. Sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused!