Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reservations for Two, Please

January 6, 2009 IOW

Real life in the real world is a tough, nitty-gritty journey that every pilgrim on planet earth must make. Moving to Disney world is not an option. There will be tribulations; Jesus said so. But be of good cheer: He’s still in the business of guiding and strengthening and healing and overcoming…” by Claire Cloninger and Karla Worley in “When the Glass Slipper Doesn’t Fit.”

How many times over the course of our lives have we been told to, “Get real?” Variety shows on television are now replaced with reality shows of all kinds to entertain people. However, some people don’t find “real” life that entertaining. It can be a tough, nitty-gritty journey that we all get to experience in some degree or another. Running off to Disney Land or Disney World or anywhere else may get us away from it temporarily but it doesn’t make it go away.

When I had epilepsy I use to like being in the hospital only for one reason, it was my Disney World, my get away from the real world. Phone calls were made to wish me well instead of trying to sell me things or collect other things. The mailman was much better too, delivering only cards of cheer instead of bills to pay. I felt at peace. However, I couldn’t stay there forever. Praise God I didn’t need to move in permanently because of my seizures. The real world awaited my discharge, there was no escape only a rest stop along life’s journey.

It is a good thing to get away once in awhile, I recommend Disney World instead of going into a hospital. Tee Hee. However life goes on and our journey awaits us through the trials and tribulations that come with it. Where we ever got the idea that our journeys would or should be uneventful, smooth sailing, straight and level I don’t know. If you take a look it sounds like we’ve been talking to Eve’s serpent friend again from back in the garden. “Did God REALllllly say that!!!!!!????”

What makes our journeys different is who we choose to make them with. We can travel alone or book reservations for two for Jesus and us. I heard an atheist the other day make the remark that it was time that Christians gave up their imaginary friend.

Our Friend is far from imaginary. He’s as real as the clouds in the sky, the butterfly in flight, the air that we breathe, and the sun that shines. He’s not a figment of our imagination. We are the product of His creation. He’s the Shepherd on duty, the Guide in the lead. The strength it takes to endure. The companion needed to overcome the loneliness we often feel as we think the flight in life booked for us was a solo one.

We are not alone when we have Jesus. It is because of Him that we can overcome the nitty-gritty. We can live in the “real” world, we don’t need to escape. Our trip to Jesus will do far more for us than the trip to Disney World or other favorite get-away spots ever could. What He has to offer doesn’t wear off. It will last for all eternity if we would only take the time to make those reservations for two.

Christ is our resting spot, our place to find peace, to get directions, to re-fuel, to seek forgiveness and repent. The companion needed in all our journeys, not to be treated as some lucky charm to ensure smooth sailing but as the One in charge, the One in control.

It’s up to us to act as our own travel agents and see to it that the reservations for two have been made. He will be there, will we when the journey is done? The choice is ours.

Reservations for Two, Please! Reservations for Two!

Copyright 2009 Karen J. Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing


Esthermay said...

What a neat call to salvation! Well said.
Funny. . . My "Disney World" was the hospital stay during the birth of my two children. NEAT Time! Husband is actually waiting on and serving me. I had control of the television remote. Food brought on a tray. No telemarketers...!! Yea!
- - - - -
It is a rare mature Christian that will actually be seen REJOiCiNG in a trial. This is the person who has truly learned to travel EVERYWHERE with JESUS!
Happy IOW Tuesday,
and Happy NEW YEAR!

~esthermay @The Heart of a Pastor's Wife

micey said...

Very nice, encouraging post! Thanks!

Bonnie W said...

Thanks for sharing Karen! This was a great post. I love the "Reservations for Two!"

MiPa said...

"Our trip to Jesus will do far more for us than the trip to Disney World or other favorite get-away spots ever could."
Oh, AMEN! Wonderful post. Thank you.