Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Karen's Crossing: "Another catchy saying"

"It’s not what happens sometimes that’s important it’s what we do after it happens"

In spite of my attitude in between my moments of selfishness I always knew in my heart that God didn’t allow me to have epilepsy as if He had some quota to fill of a certain number of epileptics in the world. No, I got what I had because of kids goofing around on a school bus. One incident had led to another and there I was on a darken road that appeared to have no light at the end.

Truth be known I knew what God was watching for. He was looking at how I was handling this new found disease in my life, which in the beginning was not well. The initial news of having epilepsy didn’t affect me it was when I was fired from my job due to seizures and later told by a doctor I was to never get pregnant because of the medication I was taking. It was then that I felt like I was a victim of an all-out-assault on my life. Every lightning bolt from the sky seemed to be aimed right at me and dead on target every time. Little did I know I was the one holding up the lightning rod attracting these attacks from Satan because of my “pity me” attitude packed firmly around bitterness and anger.

Praise the Lord this saying fell into my life at the right moment to knock a little sense in to me sending the “pity me” mode out. I had epilepsy and there wasn’t enough pity and anger and bitterness I could create to change that. The important thing was what I was going to do with my situation. Let it rule me or me rule over it by having the right attitude and hanging on to Jesus for guidance.

It doesn’t matter if we have a health condition, financial problem, marital issues, or anything else the important factor is how we handle the situations we find ourselves in. A lot of these things come upon us in life uninvited, out of our control, but the one thing we do have control over is how we react to them and what we do with them after they show up on our doorstep.

The focus on the problem creates pity parties. The focus Jesus creates a closer walk with Him and a better journey with a stronger outcome. Walking with Jesus didn’t take away my epilepsy. It took away a bigger more deadly disease of self pity.

We need to pray to Jesus daily to get rid of the excess baggage we like to pack such as our bad attitudes, impatience, and pity modes in order to journey with Jesus through trust, faith, and looking forward to a better future with Him. He’s there to listen, He does care.

Jesus. Don’t leave home without Him!

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