Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Manual Entry

August 19, 2008

Order my steps, in Your word. Order my tongue, in Your word. Guide my feet, in Your word. Wash my heart, in Your word. Show me how to walk, in Your word. Show me how to talk, in Your word.(refrain) I want to walk worthy, my calling to fulfill. Please order my steps, Lord, and I’ll do Your blessed will. The world is ever changing, but You are still the same. If You order my steps, I’ll praise Your name.~A hymn by Glen Burleigh~

If we listen close enough when we read this fine hymn from Glen Burleigh, we can hear an echo in the background from God Himself.

In My word I have ordered your steps, mouth, and heart.
Showing you how to walk and to talk.
The goal is for you to walk worthy my child, your calling fulfilled,
your calling made real.
With your steps that I’ve ordered My will can be done.
It’s accomplished through Jesus, Christ my Son.
The world is changing, but I am the same.
Your steps that I’ve ordered are like they originally came,
The same as they were for Saints of old
Such as Enoch, Moses, and Paul as they were told
Yes, I’ll order your steps, I’m happy to do
Your job is to get in them to use thoroughly through.

Praise the Lord that we just hit the jackpot on what the Bible is all about, the purpose of why it was written, and its goal. It’s there to guide us. It’s our owner’s manual, map, and encourager. Full of stories of people’s failures, successes, words of wisdom, warnings of stupidity, and steps of direction. Problem is it doesn’t come with its own CD in the back of the book that we can take out and plug in to download all the information into our heads and hearts. It still is and always be a manual entry.

Manual, Emmanuel interesting closeness to the two words. God with us. That’s all it takes is getting into His word to get the things needed to do His will, to walk as He walked, to guide our steps, mouth, and heart. Taking with us as we dive in to what He has to say the willingness to apply what we learn. A smorgasbord of information, the multi-vitamin of our soul that requires a manual entry on our part to take in and digest what God has to say and apply it thoroughly through in our lives. Our steps have been ordered. The question is “are we ready to walk the walk?” Join with me in listening for one more echo from my heart. A prayer I wrote once that suits us all:

Today Dear Lord

Today Dear Lord, I commit myself, soul, body, affairs, family, friends to Your care.
Mould me wholly into the image of Jesus as a potter forms clay.
Let no evil this day soil my thoughts, words, hands, nor heart.

May I view all things in the mirror of eternity, waiting for the coming of You my Lord.
As I listen for the sound of the last trumpet call.
May I speak each word as if my last utterance
and walk each step as if my final stride.
If my life should end today,
Let this be my best day.

I love You Father God,
Your daughter, Karen

Our host this week is Lori. I’ll shut up now so you can get over there and read and share at All You Have to Give with others on today's quote. Remember to into God's word and stay there!


MiPa said...

"Your job is to get in them and use them thoroughly through."

AMEN!! What a great post. Bless you for sharing.

Susan said...

Oh Karen,

This was just great!! I always enjoy your posts.

I'm so blessed for that manual, EMANUAL has given us♥

Denise said...

Bless you precious one.

Michelle Bentham said...

Great words of insight, Karen. I can't wait to get back into the IOW writing groove again!


lori said...

As always....wonderful thoughts...I love the "multi-vitamin for the soul"

Peace to you..and thank you for joining us today!


Laurie Ann said...

Amen! I love this post!!!! Enough for more exclamation points but I'd only embarass myself! God bless you. Praise God for you, Karen.

Ava Semerau said...

What a beautiful phrase - the mirror of eternity.

Thanks for writing such a thoughtful post.

Ava Semerau
And God Was Pleased

"And long after the history of all the big things that make the front pages are forgotten, what God has done through you and a few people will be history.” - Dr. Richard C. Halverson