Friday, August 22, 2008

The only way out is through

Today’s “catchy saying” was a reminder that no matter how much I wanted to get out of having epilepsy and stress seizures the only exit was going through what life had dealt me. I knew in my heart the best person to use as my guide through this time in my life was God Himself. I first had to accept the fact that the journey was going to be made with extra luggage I couldn’t accidentally leave at some airport or roadside stop. Baggage such as haunting seizures and added frustrations I could easily have lived without as anyone would love.

Crying over a lost driver’s license, precious privileges taken away, and the annoyance brought on by my disease wasn’t going to go away. I had to go through in order to get out. Whether the other end meant a cure for me or not, I didn’t know. I did know I was going to have to travel this road whether I liked it or not. Staying in one place and feeling sorry for myself wasn’t going to work. Going backwards had no future looking at all I had lost. I had to go forward which meant going through to see what was on the other end.

To make the journey easier I could get rid of the stress seizures in my life. Holding on to the bitterness of my injury, the fate of my accident, and the “why me” wonders was luggage that could be dumped. Making lighter the load of my travels I worked daily on getting rid of what didn’t need to be. The weights Satan was slipping in to make what I couldn’t get rid of, my epilepsy, seem heavier than it really was.

A good place to start was taking the time to be thankful for the people who cared for me. I had a husband who didn’t throw up his hands and say, “I didn’t sign up for this!” I also had a daughter who was more a caregiver to me than I was to her and endless friends and family traveling with me. My part was to trust the Lord to see me along from beginning to end. Showing in my actions daily the faith I had in this Friend that would never abandon me, my Guide to the end, my Shepherd who kept one eye on the road ahead and one eye on me.

Whether the message of this catchy saying was a repeat one of all the others it didn’t matter. Each and everyone were there to keep me focused with my own eyes on God and away from the desire to feel sorry for myself and little by little it was working. Praise the Lord.

Copyright 2008 Karen J. Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing

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