Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If You Aim at Nothing You Will Hit it Every Time

This catchy saying caught my attention because of the flat out truth of it I couldn’t deny. I was given something to aim at and that was getting rid of the influence of stress in my life. If I stuck with it to the end I could possibly be cured of my epilepsy. If that never came about I knew that the trip I took to get there wouldn’t be a total waste. Any kind of victory over stress would definitely put me on the winning side, epileptic or not.

Don’t you think its kind of odd how we think we should be able to gain without trying? Win without entering the race or add to what we don’t have without effort. As nice as that all sounds it doesn’t work that way, oh, sorry if I burst any bubbles.

Now is the time to take aim, targeting that which comes from the Lord and not just a wild whim of our heart. Putting all we can in to it. Whether our full goal is reached or just part of it, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is, knowing that we have to aim at something. Why? Well because if we aim at nothing we will hit it every time.

The odds at winning the lottery are unbelievably high yet people keep trying for that target to win the millions of dollars at stake. Why not take aim at conqueroring stress and other issues in life, improving ourselves even though the odds at times don’t appear to be in our favor. The longer we stick with God, the better our odds and the greater our accomplishments as we aim for what is right, a life that glorifies Jesus. AMEN!

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