Friday, February 15, 2008

Only me just doesn’t work but God and I as a team does.

This “catchy saying” as with all the others caught my attention because I had tried handling life’s stresses alone but it got me nowhere. If I was going to accomplish anything with my epilepsy I was going to have to stick with what I knew was best and that was God and I working together as a team.

God was doing His part but unfortunately I wasn’t doing mine. I was allowing the stresses in life to get to me to the point they were controlling me through my stress seizures. I was never going to be able to conqueror what needed to be if I didn’t stay teamed up with Jesus.

The first step in this process was learning to trust and have faith in my fellow team player, Jesus. It was time to stop thinking of “Me, me, me” and focus more on us, and what we could do together. Separately I was bombarded with the stresses of life. The more life threw at me the more seizures I would have. I was stumbling over my own feet and efforts and tripping myself along the way.

Together I didn’t have to carry the load alone. Jesus was there to see me through and help. He was a companion to keep me company, a coach to show me what I needed to do, and a friend who would listen when the world was shutting me out. When I was weak it was His strength that kept me going. The more I got into my crossing the more I came to appreciate being a part of such a wonderful team. Christ would never let me carry the load alone and it was important I didn’t expect Him to, without me doing my part also.

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