Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Momma's Prayers

IOW quote February 15, 2008

“Momma prayed, momma cried, momma laid awake at night. She would fight my battles while I slept away cause momma knew life is hard without somebody on your side I don't know how, but there is power in the way, the way my momma prayed." ~~words and music by Jeremiah Olson of 40milesNorth ~~

The funeral service was over; guests were starting to leave when I heard the son of the woman who died speak up. Earnestly looking at her most recent picture He said, “who’s going to pray for my family now?” Giving him a hug of encouragement he explained to me that ever since he was married and had kids and grandkids his mom faithfully prayed for his family. Although he prayed regularly for them as well it was a treasure in his heart and a comfort to know that his mother was joining with him in those prayers for their love ones.

The way she cooked her Sunday chicken didn’t matter any more. The cleanliness of her house, or the way she ironed her clothes was no longer important. The treasures she left behind were her countless hours of prayers stretched over many years.

What a joy and a blessing to know and experience the love of a momma doing all she can upfront and behind the scenes, coating her pathway with her prayers. Whether we’ve had the joy of knowing such a woman should never stop us from being that kind of woman ourselves.

I myself cannot bake an apple pie for all I’m worth but I can pray. I may never be able to sew a beautiful quilt but I can sow the seeds of prayer. I may never have the money to send my grandkids to college but I have the ability to be rich in my prayers sending them somewhere more important, towards Jesus.

The example Jesus left behind for us to follow demonstrates the importance of prayer. An interesting story in the Bible is one where Jesus confronts Peter in Luke 22:31,32 to tell him that Satan requested to “sift him as wheat.” His words to Peter were “But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail.” Jesus didn’t tell him that he was going to stop Satan from doing what he planned to do. No, instead He prayed for the vigor of his faith that it wouldn’t fall short when he needed it the most. Jesus knew what was ahead for Peter but we can only wonder what is in store for us making it vital that we pray like Jesus prayed for the strengthening of our faith.

Satan is still in the bakery business asking to sift us like wheat to test and tempt us. What we do to withstand that constant grinding, grinding, grinding, is up to us. Our faith needs to be at its strongest, our trust in Jesus at its finest and the avenue of communication to God kept open through our prayers. Praise the Lord for momma, thank you Jesus for such an expression of love.

CLOSING THOUGHT: God also expresses His love for us with many things that go on behind the scenes. It’s important that we should never waste the prayers of momma or the prayers of Jesus spoken on our behalf. Wasting them by not doing our part in strengthening our faith. Standing up to Satan and telling him to his face, “I may always love my momma’s donuts but I’m not going to be a part of your bakery. As a donut molded and shaped by you only to be devoured and swallowed whole by the sins you would have me commit. This dough belongs to Jesus thanks to momma and her prayers!”

This week, Heather is hosting "In 'Other' Words" at her site, Titus 2 Woman. Why don’t you hobble on over there and read and share what others have to say about momma and her prayers. Grab a donut on your way over but remember never allow Satan to open up his bakery business in your heart.


MiPa said...

Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing.

twinklemom said...

I love your use of baking as an analogy! Wonderful(I love to bake..so it was great to see that used as a reference).

*HUGS* God bless you and your family!

Michelle Bentham said...

What a thoughtful and resounding post about the faithfulness of the godly mother and the legacy of faith she leaves behind. Well Done!

God Bless!

Heather@Mommymonk said...

It's so important to pray that the faith of our kids will be strong enough to endure the challenges that lie ahead. I think we're often more inclined to just pray that they won't have any challenges (at least I am).

Lana G! said...

Amen! You may not be able to do anything else but you can pray! Love it!